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By Emily France – Last updated on 23/09/2021

The Best Safety Glasses 2021 and Best Safety Goggles 2021 in our short concise blog, detailing our best picks to save you time on making the right choices.

Not sure which to choose?

No problem, see our recent blog on the differences between Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles.

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Our Top Safety Glasses Pick

The modern feel of these safety glasses is further complimented by the coloured arms of the glasses that not only look good but feature soft arm tips that can sit comfortably on the ears all-day long.

The wrap around monobloc lens give a wider field of vision protection to the wearer and the option to purchase the safety glasses with clear or a smoked style lens gives further customisable options to the buyer.

These safety glasses are a great choice for those working outside in bright sunlight.

Exciting features of these safety glasses include: 99% UV protection, anti-scratch coating and anti-fog coating.

Best Budget Safety Glasses

Kitting yourself with the best PPE is essential to staying safe at work, however sometimes the budget can only stretch so far and the most expensive items won’t do.

That is why we love the Pan View safety glasses. These safety glasses are an absolute steal at only £1.60 and this doesn’t stop them from offering top notch protection

CE certified with a dual lens, anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings and a soft rubber nose bridge; these sleek safety glasses give you all the eye protection required in a low-medium risk environment.

They are extremely lightweight to the point where you will forget you have them on and added soft touch temples help to extend this comfort.

These safety glasses are a great choice for those working outside in bright sunlight.

Ever offering more excitement these Portwest safety glasses can be purchased in three different colours; black, clear and orange, making them more personal and easier to identify as your glasses when working in a group.

Our Luxury Safety Glasses

PPE is made to keep us safe, but why not choose protective gear that makes you look good and feel good too? The Polar Star safety glasses do just that and more.

A modern, flashy, yet sophisticated look brings these safety glasses into a different league.

Smart technology helps the luxury Polar Stars to wrap around and shape to the head for maximum long-lasting comfort.

Other features include anti-fogging, anti-scratch coatings and soft arm and nose tips. Special polaroid lenses adapt to your surroundings and help to stop any potentially dangerous glares, reduce eye fatigue and improve your vision’s ability to see contrast and colour.

If you are looking for a pair of safety glasses that will be a staple item in you PPE kit for years to come, these are the ones for you.

Sport Style Safety Glasses

If you are after a pair of safety glasses with a bit of flair that won’t break the bank our Athens Sport safety glasses should go in your basket. These glasses boast a contemporary look that is extremely durable despite being lightweight and flexible.

Again, these safety glasses don’t mess about. Anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings are applied to the lens and 99% UV protection is offered for the user. A soft feel material can be found on the body of these glasses to provide comfort to the wearer.

Make a statement with your PPE by investing in a pair of these sporty safety glasses, the green or yellow detailing along the arms stands out amongst the crowd and the option to have clear or shaded lenses gives control to the buyer.

The Best Safety Goggles 2021

Our top safety goggles pick

These goggles win the title for our best pick as they not only offer brilliant protection, but are also sleek, modern and cost effective.

Indirect ventilation is filtered into these goggles and your safety will be assured by the UV protection, anti-fog and anti-scratch technology and special PVC lens shape. This special lens shaping enables the user to also wear their prescription glasses underneath the goggles.

A large elastic banding to secure the goggles to the face has been specifically enlarged for optimised comfort protecting your eyes from flying objects and hazardous sharp edges while you work.

The best direct vent safety goggles

In certain situations, direct vent safety goggles may be more practical. This direct vent safety goggle is a steal at £1.80 and is able to protect the eyes in tough working environments.

These goggles are also made from PVC, however fitting glasses underneath may be more difficult. The frame is ultra-light making it comfortable to wear as it will not pull on the face or back of the head.

A great choice if you need relatively cheap goggles that are able to protect you for multiple uses

Our favourite indirect vent safety goggles

These goggles offer some more excitement in the day-to-day work life. With a pop of colour around the lens edge and striking matte black frame, don’t be surprised when someone asks, “where did you get those goggles”!

These lenses are not only coated, but also injected to make them extra strong and robust. An innovative dirt repelling coating helps to work with you, not against you and can help to keep the lens clean in even extreme working environments.

The wide elastic strap is adjustable to allow specific tightening and adjustment to take place. This means that no matter who you are, the goggles will have a perfect fit.

Did we mention that there is foam on the inside? This makes these safety goggles some of the comfiest ones on the market! Don’t believe us? Give them a go and see for yourself!

Most effective unvented safety goggles

The Ultra Vista safety goggle has been specifically designed for use in extremely tough working conditions. The flexible PVC frame is ultra-light, comfortable and roomy enough for your prescription glasses to be worn underneath. In short these are the best pair of safety goggles around if you require optimum protection.

These innovative goggles can protect you against large dust particles, fine dust particles, gas and liquid splashes. They excelled during high impact resistance testing and can cope in both low and high temperatures ranging from –5°C to +55°C making them our top choice for use in extreme environments.

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