What is EcoViz? Eco-friendly Hi-Vis Workwear

What is EcoViz? At Rapid Fire Supplies we have recently expanded our range of eco-friendly safety products. Now introducing LEO’s EcoViz hi-vis range. EcoViz is high visibility (hi-vis) workwear with a sustainable twist. Why should hi-vis be eco-friendly? An estimate of £140 million pounds worth of clothing ends up in landfills every year (traid.org.uk, 2018). …

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EARMUFFS VS EARPLUGS: Which one is the best at protecting hearing?

By Emily France, Creative Content Curator | Safety Supplier @rapidfiresupplies | People Person | Theatre Type & Arts Supporter Earmuffs vs Earplugs The two main types of hearing protective gear are earmuffs and earplugs. Does it really matter if you use earplugs vs earmuffs? How do earmuffs work? How do I insert earplugs? All these …

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