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2022 update to (PPER) PPE at work Regulations

April 2022 saw a shift in the 1992 Personal Protection Equipment at work Regulations (PPER). In short, the new regulations aim to protect workers on a wider scale. The responsibilities of employers have increased, in relation to the level of protection they must provide for their employees. The 1992 PPER regulation The 1992 Personal Protection …

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An orange and a yellow hi-vis jacket. text reads top 10 hi-vis jackets 2022

Top 10 Best Hi-Vis Jackets 2022

Top 10 Best Hi-Vis Jackets of 2022 Top 10 Best Hi-Vis Jackets of 2022 If you’ve ever worked on a construction site or driven in low light, you understand the importance of wearing high visibility jackets. The Hi-Vis jacket not only helps to avoid hazards, but it also keeps you warm and dry (depending on …

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a flame and an emergency exit sign. Text reads what you should know about fire signage


The Health and Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 outlined the signs that we have become so familiar with today. However, some signs without text can be confusing if you don’t already know what they mean. Read on as we breakdown the different types of fire signage, explain what they mean. What do the shapes …

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a safety trainer and a safety boot cartoon surround text that reads 7 reasons why you should wear safety boots at work

7 reasons why you should wear safety boots at work

1. Protect the sole Safety boots or safety shoes can keep the sole of your foot protected from hazards on the ground. This could be nails and other sharp objects, particular chemicals or general hard flooring. Safety boots have extra thick or reinforced soles that create a barrier between you, the wearer and the potentially …

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An FFP2 mask is in a warning triangle. Text: are valved ffp2 masks dangerous?

Are valved FFP masks dangerous? Myths busted.

FFP masks can offer us some of the best protection against COVID-19, dust, pollen, asbestos and more. When they are narrowed down the choice of which mask is best for you seems easy. That is until you are faced with the dreaded question, “valved or non-valved”? Recently there has been a bit of a bad …

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EARMUFFS VS EARPLUGS: Which one is the best at protecting hearing?

By Emily France, Creative Content Curator | Safety Supplier @rapidfiresupplies | People Person | Theatre Type & Arts Supporter Earmuffs vs Earplugs The two main types of hearing protective gear are earmuffs and earplugs. Does it really matter if you use earplugs vs earmuffs? How do earmuffs work? How do I insert earplugs? All these …

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