Site-Safety-Sign – Multi-message – Demolition Work-Signage

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Award winning signage manufacturer bring the best construction signs available on the UK market.

  • PVC Banner: Flame resistant, 440GSM PVC banner for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Digitally printed for eye catching displays
  • Easy and economical way of purchasing construction signs
  • 1270mm x 810mm


Site-Safety-Sign – Multi-message – Demolition Work-Signage

PVC banner complete with eyelets for fixing includes “Safety Steve”, space for your contact details plus eight site safety messages:- Construction work in progress, parents are advised to warn children of the dangers of entering the site.

Danger, Demolition work in progress. No admittance for unauthorised personnel. Use ear protectors. This is a hard hat area. High visibility jackets must be worn. Protective footwear must be worn. Danger, Look out for overhead loads.

Printed PVC banners offer a quick and effective solution to site safety.

Key Features

  • PVC Banner: Flame resistant, 440GSM PVC banner for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Digitally printed for eye catching displays
  • Easy and economical way of purchasing construction signs
  • Perfect for the entrance areas to highlight the risks to visitors and workers.

Site-Safety-Sign – Multi-message – Demolition Work-Signage Technical Details 

Safety Sign Material PVC Banner: Flame resistant, 440GSM PVC banner
Safety Sign Dimensions 1270mm x 810mm
Industry Construction Site Management
Bulk Discount Available Yes request bespoke quote
Colour White, Blue, Yellow & Green


Signage Material Options ExplainedFire Signage Explained

Signage Material Options Explained

Below is a more detailed description of the materials this particular safety sign is available in. Helping you decide which sign option is most suitable for your application.

1. Rigid Plastic: Lightweight, gloss white PVC with high impact strength. Suitable for both internal and external safety signs. Easily drilled for wall fixing.

2. Self-Adhesive Vinyl: A high gloss, flexible PVC vinyl with self-adhesive backing. Suitable for applying to most smooth, dry and clean surfaces. Ideally suited for internal signs.

3. Photoluminescent Rigid Plastic: 1.2mm Rigid PVC with photoluminescent (glow in the dark) pigmentation. Afterglow properties exceed PSPA Class C grade, as measured to DIN 6751, provides razor sharp definition in blackout conditions.

4. Photoluminescent Self Adhesive: Flexible PVC with photoluminescent (glow in the dark) pigmentation. Afterglow properties exceed PSPA Class C grade, as measured to DIN 6751, provides razor sharp definition in blackout conditions.

5. Face Adhesive Window Sticker Window labels have adhesive on the front, allowing them to be applied to the inside of the window and viewed from outside.

6. Aluminum: 9mm aluminum with a gloss white powder coated face. Suitable for both internal and external applications. Excellent weathering and UV resistance provides a long-life product.

7. Polycarbonate: 2mm transparent and flame retardant polycarbonate, provides extreme resistance to impact. Sub-surface printing reduces the risk of damage or vandalism to the sign face.

8. Rigid Plastic with Self Adhesive Back: Rigid PVC provides a durable finish, whilst a high tack self-adhesive backing removes the need for drilling, screwing or additional adhesive fixings. Also referred to as Quick-Fix signs.

Fire Signage Explained

Depending on the layout of your building, Fire Signage may not be required if the equipment itself is highly visible.

All business premises need at least 2 or 3 Fire Safety Signs.

Working out which ones you need and where you should put them can be confusing.

1. ‘Fire Action Notice’ – what to do in case of fire

The Fire Action Notice’s purpose is to make sure that anyone working in or visiting your building knows what to do if they discover a fire or if they need to evacuate the building.

These are usually pre-printed signage with spaces to fill in information such as:

  • The phone number to call the fire brigade
  • The exit to use to leave the building
  • Where the assembly point is
  • Any additional instructions specific to the building

There are different types of fire action signage so you can pick the one that best suits your premises.

All commercial premises must display a Fire Action Notice.

Best practice guidelines recommend that you display a Fire Action Notice next to every Fire Alarm call-point, and at every final exit door, where they are most likely to be seen in the event of fire.

2. Fire Exit Routes, Doors, and Assembly Points

Fire Exit Signage

If your commercial premises are small with a simple layout, you may not need a fire exit sign. Fire exit signage are not a requirement if it is ‘obvious’ where the exit is, for example when there is just one door at the front of a small shop where it is clear that would be the means of escape.

For more complex buildings however, fire exit signage are a necessity. What you specifically need comes down to how easily occupants would be able to find their way out of the building in the event of fire, especially if they’re not familiar with the layout.

In some cases you may need a series of directional signage leading occupants along the shortest route to escape. These are familiar to us as green exit signs with arrows indicating which way to go.

Fire Exit Doors – Fire Signage 

All fire exit doors must carry a ‘Fire door, keep shut’ sign.

This is an example of a ‘mandatory’ notice, which simply means that it gives an instruction which must be followed for the building to be safe from fire.

Depending on the type of exits you have, you may also need to provide instructions on how to operate the door, or indicate that a door opens automatically.

Fire Assembly Points – Fire Signage

Your fire assembly point should be far enough away from the building to avoid interference with the fire brigade and danger from falling debris caused by the fire. This means it needs to be clearly signposted.

You may also need to take into consideration the type of occupants who will need to evacuate the building in the event of fire, making sure that the Fire Assembly Point is suitable for the young, old or disabled.

3. Fire equipment signage

In the event of a fire, it’s vital that occupants know where to find fire-fighting equipment, and which equipment they can use, depending on the type of fire.

This is so the fire can be dealt with while it is still in its early stages. 95% of fires tackled with an extinguisher are extinguished within 2 minutes, so being able to locate the right type of fire extinguisher quickly is absolutely critical to the safety of your business.

Fire extinguisher ID signs come in many formats so you can pick the one best suited to the location of your extinguishers. They can be fixed to a wall, or attached to an extinguishers stand.

You may also need to provide fire safety signs for equipment such as hose reels and dry risers if you have them on your premises.

Perhaps most importantly of all, your fire alarm call-points must be clearly sign-posted so that occupants can easily find where to raise the alarm if they spot a fire. Every call-point should have the relevant fire alarm sign, and if you also post Fire Action Notices here, the person raising the alarm will have all the information they need to proceed.

4. ‘Warning’ and ‘Prohibition’ fire safety signage

Warning signs Warning signs are generally yellow and black, and often (but not always) triangular. They are designed to alert occupants to danger.

In terms of fire safety, you will generally need a fire warning sign when you have flammable substances on the premises, such as gas or oil.

Prohibition signs

Prohibition signs give ‘Do Not…’ style warnings in areas where there is a specific risk of fire.These are frequently used in conjunction with Warning signs, for example to prohibit smoking in an area where there are flammable materials.

Warning signs are usually circular, with a red band around the outside and a diagonal red line across the centre.

Often warning signage and prohibition signage are combined into one fire safety notice.


In summary, if you are responsible for the fire safety of commercial premises, these are the signs that you must have and may need to have.

  • Fire Action Notice – mandatory for all premises
  • Fire exit signs – needed for all but the smallest & simplest of properties
  • Fire Extinguisher ID signage – as extinguishers are mandatory, all premises must have at least one extinguisher
  • ID sign Fire alarm call point signage – if you have a fire alarm, then call point signs are mandatory
  • Other fire equipment signage – if you have a hose reel or a dry riser, you will need to signpost them
  • Warning & Prohibition signage – if you have an extra risk of fire on your premises you will probably need

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 40 cm


Signage Category

Construction Signage, Signage for Business


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