Rotationally Moulded Fire Extinguisher Stand Single

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Fire-Chief-LogoMaybe you move your workplace around or you just don’t want to drill into the walls, whatever the reason, this robust double extinguisher stand is your solution. Add 2 photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs and compliance is just one click away!


Rotationally Moulded Fire Extinguisher Stand Single

This single fire extinguisher stand has a cut out base designed to secure a 6/9 kg/l extinguisher. It gives the extinguisher a firmer base to sit on as opposed to the standard flat base stands. This makes them an ideal option for public areas where the stands are likely to get knocked.

Rotationally Moulded Fire Extinguisher Stand Single Key Features

  • Holds 1 extinguisher up to 9kg
  • Convenienctly moulded ID sign position
  • Compact design
  • Rotationally moulded
  • UV stabalised PE
  • Fully recyclable
  • Sign supplied separately

We have the perfect Fire Extinguisher ID Signs for this item – FoamPowder or Water ID signage.

Rotationally Moulded Fire Extinguisher Stand Single technical details

Model Number HS16/RED
Product Code 107-1036
Weight (kg) 2.5
External Height (mm) 620
External Width (mm) 310
External Depth (mm) 265

Fire ClassesTypes of ExtinguishersFire Extinguisher UsesWhat colours are Fire Extinguishers?

Fire risks are categorised into classes. Fire extinguishers are then rated in their ability to fight these different classes of fires. Their fire fighting capability is thus indicated by letters for fire classes and a number which stands for the strength of the extinguisher in fighting this class. The higher the number, the more powerful the extinguisher is.

Fire Classes:

Class A Fires: Solid combustibles, such as wood, paper, textiles

Class B Fires: Flammable liquids, such as petrol, diesel and paraffin

Class C Fires: Flammable gases, such as LPG and natural gas

Class E Fires: Fires caused by electrical equipment (indicated by an electric spark symbol and not the letter E)

Class F Fires: Cooking fats, such as deep fat fryers oils

Med Approved: Marine Approved for Boats

CO² fire extinguishers

These units use pure carbon dioxide to suffocate fire and leave behind no residue once the fire is extinguished. They were originally designed for class B fires, which are flammable liquid fires, such as oil, petrol and solvents, however, these days CO² extinguishers are mainly used for the fire fighting on live electrical equipment. They are often installed next to foam extinguishers in offices with computers. The size of CO² units is stated in kg (of CO² gas) and the portable CO² extinguishers weigh 2 and 5 kg. In addition to our brand new CO² products we offer fully factory refurbished CO² extinguishers (pressure tested and re-painted). A specialist version of the CO² extinguisher is anti-magnetic and is installed in areas of high magnetic activity, such as hospitals’ MRI scanner suites.

Powder fire extinguishers

Also called ABC powder or dry powder extinguishers are powerful and versatile and can be used for class A (burning solids), class B (burning liquids) and class C (burning gas) fires. They can not be used on fat fires and deep fat fryer fires, as their jet would spread the burning fat. They should also not be used in confined spaces (small kitchen or boat cabins), as the powder can easily be inhaled. The residue of the powder makes the clean up after a discharge very difficult. We also stock a special powder fire extinguisher used for class D fires of flammable metals such as burning magnesium swarf. When comparing powder units, please note that BC powder does not offer the same protection as ABC powder.

Water fire extinguishers

These are used on class A fires of solid combustible materials, such as wood, fabric and paper. The water penetrates burning materials to cool down the fire, which extinguishes the fire and stops it re-igniting. Near electrical equipment you should choose water fire extinguishers with additives, as these prevent electrocution. A new development are the ‘dry’ water mist extinguishers, which can be used on class A, B, C and F fires and are very easy to use. These can be installed in buildings, where extinguisher training of all residents/staff is not feasible, such as in HMOs etc. Dry water mist is suitable for A, B, C and F class fires.

Foam fire extinguishers

These are used on burning solids (Class A) and liquid fires (Class B), such as burning petrol. They are excellent in general office or home environments. The foam penetrates burning fabrics and solids and forms a cooling blanket of top of the fire. Foam extinguishers are widely used in office environments, as they offer a reasonably wide cover without the clean-up problem of a powder extinguisher. Foams can be used safely on electrical items, as long as they are 35kV tested and you keep a safety distance of 1m.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers

Wet chemical and ABF foam extinguishers are used on fat fires and deep fat fryer fires (Class F). The chemical of the wet chemical bonds with the burning fat and stops the supply of oxygen to the fat. It also cools down the fat. Wet Chemical extinguishers are used in professional kitchens, while ABF can be used in domestic kitchens.

LITH-EX Extinguishers

The first Fire Extinguisher to tackle Lithium ion battery fires such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, toys, power tools and electric scooters. By simply dropping or crushing your mobile phone it can cause it to catch fire. Do you leave your phone on charge overnight? Overcharging and charging malfunctions can cause your mobile phone to catch fire! Lithium Battery Fires can quickly exceed temperatures of 800°C – three times hotter than an oven!

Boat Fire Extinguishers – Med Approved

Caravan Extinguishers

Truck Fire Extinguishers

Office Extinguishers

Wheeled Extinguishers

Kitchen Extinguishers

Car Fire Extinguishers

Domestic Fire Extinguishers

Stainless Steel Fire Extinguishers

Electrically Safe Extinguishers

LITH-EX Extinguishers (Lithium ion Battery Fires)

Fire Extinguisher ID Signs

Fire Blankets

Fire extinguishers must conform to BS EN3 Standard, which specifies that their body is coloured red. A small coloured band indicates the type of fire extinguisher – red for water, white and red for water mist, cream for foam, blue for dry powder, yellow for wet chemical, green for clean agent and black for CO2 extinguishers.

Importantly, your fire risk assessment should identify any hazardous material, so you match the type of extinguisher to your risk.


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