PW37 Bold Pro Safety Glasses


PortwestThe protection of workers is essential at all times, but especially when working in hazardous spaces where flying objects or hard and sharpe edges pose a threat to the eye area.



PW37 Bold Pro Safety Glasses

The PW37 Bold Pro Safety Glasses are extremely effective at protecting your eyes from the risks in the workplace. Featuring dual lens, anti-fog and anti-sctratch coatings and with a soft rubber nose bridge you’ll  unburdened by the eye safety.

The frame comes in three colours, blue, orange or red.

PW37 Bold Pro Safety Glasses Key Features

  • CE certified
  • 99% UV protection
  • Anti-scratch coating for added durability
  • Anti-fog coating for additional comfort to the wearer
  • Soft nose bridge for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Soft arms tips for ultra comfort
  • Free spec cord
  • Individually packed for vending machines
  • Retail bag which aids presentation for retail sales

Materials: Polycarbonate


  • EN 170 2C-1.2 (CLEAR)
  • EN 166 1 S

This PPE comply with the requirements of Regulation (EU2016/425) and with the general requirements of standard EN166:2001.

Eye ProtectionPPEAlternative Safety Glasses
PORTWEST eye protection range includes Glasses, safety goggles, safety glasses and visors, designed to protect the eyes and face of the workers from injuries which may occur during working activities. For example, Impervious Tech Spectacle, Polar Star Glasses, Visitor Safety Spectacle  or even our Contoured Safety Glasses. Technical Glasses: High performance and cutting edge styles, such as the Impervious Safety Goggle or the Clear View Glasses. Sport Glasses: Light weight and modern design, for example, the Slim Safety Goggle or the Tech Look Plus Glasses. Classic Glasses: Essential PPE safety eyewear styles, such as the Face Shield Plus or Focus Glasses. Portwest’s rapidly expanding head and hearing protection product range aims to benefit our customers by combining the most updated styles and standards in head protection, irrespective of job or location. For example, building sites with labour workforce, or site inspectors we have all the colours to help identity people easily. A wide selection of compatible accessories is also available including ear protection, such as the Premium Ear Muff.
Portwest Head PPE range applies the latest standards to deliver the highest level of protection. Comfortable and lightweight, the PPE range will ensure a pleasant wear, even for long periods of use.
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PW37 Bold Pro Safety Glasses

Click on these links for our full range of Eye Protection, which includes Safety Glasses and Safety Googles, fully certified and brilliant for protection in the work, play or exploring.


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EN 166 Standard explained

EN166 is the core technical standard that applies to all safety eyewear including spectacles, goggles and visors. It does not apply to eye protection for which separate standards exist (anti-laser eye protection, sunglasses for general use).



1: OPTICAL REQUIREMENTS Tests include, transmission and diffusion of light, refractive properties, resistance to ageing (stability to heat and resistance to UV), corrosion and ignition. Results of the testing define the Optical Class of the eye protector: which falls into 1 of 3 categories, where 1 is the highest and 3 is the lowest as indicated in the table. These categories define the quality of the lens in terms of how much or how little distortion is experienced by the wearer.




2: MECHANICAL PROTECTION/IMPACT RESISTANCE This test (applicable to both lens and frame) determines the impact resistance of the eye-protector (spectacles, goggles or visors) to withstand flying objects without cracking or shattering. The test is performed with steel balls of different diameters and weights which are used to strike the lens and frame at different speeds as indicated in the table. This results in 4 levels of mechanical protection denoted by the markings; ‘S’ ‘F’, ‘B’ or ‘A’ on the eye protector where ‘S’ is the lowest grade, offering the least amount of protection and ‘A’ is the highest grade offering maximum protection under the standard.

EYE protection table for mechical impact protection levels

Note explaining the markings for eye protectors


Optional Eye Protection Tests


EN 166 also describes other optional tests which must be applied should the manufacturer wish to make additional claims regarding protection. For example the Impact Resistance Against High Speed Spectacles At Extreme Temperature is conducted on spectacles/goggles and visors conditioned at extreme temperatures from -5°C /+55°C, resulting in similar markings as the above table, with a T denoting temperature: FT/ BT / AT. Note: This does not apply to the S marking category.



OTHER OPTIONAL REQUIREMENTS and corresponding markings for EN166 are described in the table below


OTHER OPTIONAL REQUIREMENTS and corresponding markings for EN166 are described in the table below