ProGARM 2205 Welding Apron


  • Highly molten metal splash resistant fabric
  • Adjustable cuff
  • Removable and position adjustable lower apron
  • Elastic fastening on the back
  • Size: M-L // XL-2XL
  • Protection Type: Heat & Flame // Welding


ProGARM 2205 Welding Apron

A premium flame-resistant welding apron with a removable and adjustable lower portion and an elasticated fastening system is available. In addition to being suitable for use with all types of arc welding, it also provides protection when cutting or grinding metal.

Siloxane fabric is used in the construction of this jacket because it combines durability, dexterity, and comfort in a single package. When worn, it protects the wearer from sudden flame exposure, molten metal splashes, and sparks, among other hazards.


Key Features

  • Size: M-L // XL-2XL
  • Colour: Silver
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Open ARC Test: Not Applicable
    Box Test: Not Applicable
  • LOI: Not Applicable
  • Protection Type: Heat & Flame // Welding
  • Fabric: Siloxane
  • Industry Sector: Industrial Electrical // Petrochemical // Rail // Utilities & Power Generation
  • Type: Accessories
  • Collection: Accessories Collection

EN Standards

  • EN ISO 11611:2015: Class 1 // A1

ProGARM 2200 Welding Gaiters


When an electrical discharge travels through the air, it produces a tremendous burst of energy, which is known as an Arc Flash. This flash has the potential to cause serious harm to anyone who comes into contact with it, so sufficient Arc Flash protection is critical.

When an electrical discharge or short circuit moves through the air, it creates an electric arc, also known as an arc discharge. Voltage spikes, damaged connections, cable strikes, and insulation gaps are just a few of the causes of an Arc Flash. The outcome is a burst of strong energy.

The energy emitted by an Arc Flash event can be lethal, with temperatures reaching 35,000°F, or more than 19,000°C. It should go without saying that this can burn clothing and human skin in fractions of a second, even if the operative is only five or six metres away from the Arc Flash event.

An Arc Flash can cause an explosive pressure wave that can fling personnel across the room as well as a loud burst that can tear eardrums. It is also accompanied by a brilliant flash that might result in temporary or permanent blindness.

An Arc Flash occurrence should be treated as a serious threat to your team.

ProGARM 2205 Welding Apron


Arc flash events are widespread in several industries, including power generating, utilities, industrial electrical, and rail. Those who work in these industries can benefit from Arc Flash safety apparel, which can help prevent major burns and lasting disability.

If you work in any of these five essential industries, you should think about Arc Flash protection for your team.

  • Power Generation – Your crew is vulnerable to an Arc Flash occurrence both inside and outside power plants.
  • Utilities – Field workers must be protected from Arc Flash hazards, especially if they are breaking ground on a frequent basis.
  • Petrochemicals – We understand that being aware of Arc Flash hazards is now an essential aspect of your risk assessments. Arc Flash garments are quickly becoming the preferred safety apparel for many in this industry.
  • Rail – Arc Flash prevention is critical on railways. Arc Flash safety clothing that meet the unique criteria of UK standards for high visibility are available.
  • Industrial Electrical – Those who operate with high voltage power supply, in distribution centres, and in industrial and commercial maintenance teams are all vulnerable to Arc Flash accidents. Make certain they are safeguarded.



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