PlugStations TouchFree Earplug Starter Kit

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Moldex Approved DistributorTouchFree Dispensing with 500 pairs of Spark Plugs® and wall bracket [7060]. Requires 4 x AA batteries [batteries included]

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PlugStations TouchFree Earplug Starter Kit from Moldex

TouchFree Dispensing with 500 pairs of Spark Plugs® and wall bracket [7060]. Requires 4 x AA batteries [batteries included]

Earplugs are delivered one pair at a time into the hands of workers, eliminating the need to worry about plugs falling to the floor or trays collecting dust and contaminants on the floor. When the PlugStations TouchFree is completely depleted, simply throw it away in the recycle bin and replace it with a simple to install refill. PlugStations TouchFree containers that have been emptied are also 100 percent recyclable.

More compliance can be achieved through convenient, quick access, and ease of use. Furthermore, because workers only take one pair at a time, there is less waste. Reduced waste translates into greater cost savings. Compared to packaged earplugs, they are less expensive per pair.

Refill is simple to install and snaps into place quickly, allowing for quick changeover. The vacuum-sealed refill aids in the prevention of contamination.

Key Features
  • Automatic dispenser is more hygienic due to no-touch points
  • Prevents workers from taking more than a pair at a time
  • More economical and green than packaged earplugs
  • Easy-to-install sealed refills snap in quickly
  • Empty bottles are fully recyclable
  • Gives workers easy access to hearing protection
  • 500 pairs in each PlugStations TouchFree
  • Compliance – High visibility to increase awareness for your hearing conservation program
  • Convenience – Hang a PlugStations TouchFree anywhere and everywhere plugs are needed
  • Cost Savings – Workers take one pair at a time so there is no wasteful grabbing of multiple pairs
  • 100% PVC-Free

PlugStations TouchFree Earplug Starter Kit

PlugStations TouchFree Earplug Dispenser Unit
General information


Earplugs are a proven kind of protection against excessive noise. For the purposes of this article, Moldex earplugs are classified into two categories: those that must be compressed before use and those that are pre-formed. The formers are constructed of soft polyurethane foam and are rolled before to being inserted into the ear canal to reduce friction. The earplugs gradually expand after they are placed into the ear, resulting in a comfortable and secure fit. Second, soft TPE earplugs can be used directly in the ear canal because of their small size and soft texture. Their flexible tips conform optimally to the curvature of the ear canal, resulting in a high level of comfort when wearing the headphones. Because this sort of earplug is simple to clean, it can be worn for extended periods of time.


Both foam earplugs and pre-formed earplugs are available for purchase with a neck chain, which is an added convenience. When not in use, the earplugs can be draped around the neck, guaranteeing that they are never misplaced and that they are always within reach of the user.


Moldex foam earplugs are also available in a convenient dispensing station, which is quite convenient. When ordered with an accompanying mounting bracket, the dispensers, which come with either 250 or 500 pairs of earplugs, can be placed wherever they are needed (e.g. in a production hall or library). The containers can be wall-mounted or free-standing depending on your preference.


Both foam earplugs and pre-formed earplugs are available for purchase, both of which come with a convenient grip. Earplugs with an attached handle do not need to be rolled and can be placed and removed from the ear with relative ease and speed. Precision adjustment of the plugs in the ear is achieved by turning the lever only a small amount.

Earplugs and earmuffs with a band are also available as an alternative.

Additional information





Ear Protection Type

Noise reduction levels


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EN 352-2 Standard explained

Hearing protectors – ear plugs

EN 352-2:2002, specifies the construction, design, performance and marking requirements for EN 352 compliant ear plugs. This includes specification for the sound attenuationthe reduction of the force, effect, or value of something, in this context; noise levels. of the ear plugs, measured in accordance with EN 24869-1. Furthermore, ergonomic aspects of the ear plugs are addressed by taking into account the interaction between the wearer, device and where possible, the working environment in which the device is likely to be used.

Ear plugs are tested for many of the properties outlined above in EN 352-1:

  • Sizing and adjustability
  • Materials and construction
  • Resistance to damage when dropped
  • Ignitability
  • Minimum attenuation

There are, however, some small differences in testing methods in EN 352-2. Custom moulded ear plugs are not tested for sizing and adjustability. Additionally, with reusable ear plugs, the method of cleaning and disinfection specified is assessed to ensure it causes no significant alteration to the acoustic performance, or to the material and construction properties.

The Portwest hearing protection range includes PPE with different level sound attenuation. This can be adapted to various working environments, therefore giving the correct protection from dangerous noise, without isolating the workers. Additionally, new models and colours for earmuffs allow a personalised choice.


EN 352-1:2002 – Hearing Protectors – Ear muffs

Ear muffs tested in accordance with EN 352-1:2002 must be labelled with the standard number, manufacturer and model identification. Where required, there should also be indication for the orientation of the ear muff e.g. ‘TOP’ and/or ‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’.

Materials and construction

Any materials used to make the product that will come into contact with the skin must be non-staining and not likely to cause skin irritation, allergic reaction or other adverse effects on health. The device must be free from sharp edges to be considered safe for use, and cleaning and disinfection methods specified should not cause damage or impairment to the hearing protection.

Size and adjustability

This is tested to ensure that ear defenders are suitable for the range of head sizes designated by the manufacturer. With EN 352-1:2002 compliant products you should expect an adequate fit.

Cup rotation

Hearing protectors are measured to assess whether or not the rotation of the cups is sufficient. There must be enough rotation for wearers to adjust the device to achieve the best fit.

Headband force

There should be no excessive force on the wearer’s head.

Cushion pressure

There should be no excessive pressure on the wearer’s head.

Resistance to damage when dropped

For this test, the ear protection product is dropped from a specified height onto a solid steel plate. If part of the product cracks or breaks then it will fail the test.

Change in headband force

After the tests above have been completed, headbands are subjected to flexing for 1000 cycles, before being conditioned in a water bath at 50°C for 24 hours. Once complete the headband force is measured a second time. A maximum deviation between the 2 measurements determines whether it passes.

Resistance to leakage

This is specifically for ear muffs with fluid-filled cushions. A vertical load of 28±1 Newtons is applied to the cushion for 15 minutes and any leakage caused will constitute a test failure.


A steel rod heated to around 650°C is applied to the hearing protection device. If any part ignites or continues to glow after the removal of the rod then the device will fail the ignition test.

Minimum attenuation

The minimum attenuation value must be recorded for EN 352-1 compliant ear muffs. This is the lowest sound pressure level perceivable by the ear of 16 human test subjects with and without the hearing protection worn. It is then possible to calculate the performance of the model from these values.

Here are the SNRs required to remain compliant at various noise levels: (noise calculator here)

The higher the SNR level, the more protection the product gives.

Noise Level Minimum SNR Ideal SNR Maximum SNR
85 dB 5 9 – 14 18
90 dB 10 14 – 19 23
95 dB 15 19 – 24 28
100 dB 20 24 – 29 33
105 dB 25 29 – 34 38
110 dB 30 34 – 39 43