Panodyne Wet Wipes 75% IPA, Pack of 100.

75Alcohol Cleaning Wet Wipes, Daily Use Disinfectant for Hand Cell Phone Computer Home Travel Office School All Purpose 1 Pack, 100 Wipes. Safety Saturated with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol. The rubbing alcohol wipes are soft and comfortable.



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Panodyne Wet Wipes kills COVID-19 using 75% IPA, in packs of 100, easy to keep available in the office or on the move. .

Each pack has 100 wipes

  • Applicable for multiple scenarios, ready for resumption, easy sterilization
  • Furthermore, after using this product for wiping and disinfecting.
  • Also, it will completely evaporate and there will be no residue after about 30 seconds.
  • Easy to use and carry-a separate package, you only need to tear the bag, could be used to disinfect wounds and tools.
  • Much more traditional uses than bottled alcohol, iodine and cotton balls, cotton swabs, gauze and tweezer
  • Extensive, long-term storage in special packaging (two-year shelf life), suitable for staying.

Panodyne Wet Wipes data sheets 



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