Panodyne Hand Sanitiser 70% Bulk Refill 1 Litre

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Convinient 1 litre bottles ideal for distributing hand sanitiser around your home, office or workplace and also ideal for refilling existing pump bottles & dispensers.

  • EN1276
  • Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Fast drying within 15 seconds
  • Certified for medical use



Panodyne Hand Sanitiser 70% Bulk Refill 1 Litre

Liquid hand sanitiser with 70% alcohol (ethanol) formula in handy 1 litre bulk refill bottles. Manufactured to World Health Organisation recommended formula for hand sanitiser rubs. High alcohol content kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses. Tested & certified to EN1276 and EN1500 standards for guaranteed protection and a quality hand sanitiser. Evaporates quickly without the need for water, simply rub into hands until dry. Convinient 1 litre bottles ideal for bulk distributing hand sanitiser around your home, office or workplace and also ideal for refilling existing pump bottles & dispensers. Designed and formulated in Britain and stocked in our UK warehouse for fast dispatch.

    • 1 Litre bulk refill hand sanitiser
    • 70% alcohol (ethanol) solution
    • World Health Organisation recommended hand rub formula
    • Tested & certified to EN1276 to kill 99.99% bacteria
    • Tested & certified to EN1500 for effective & quality hand sanitisers
    • Quick evaporating no rinse formula
    • Enriched with soothing Aloe Vera to keep skin nourished
    • Designed and formulated in Britain
    • Easy dispensing


The Best Hand SanitisersWhat is hand sanitiser?What ingredients are in hand sanitiser?How to use hand sanitiserWhen to use hand sanitiserWhen not to use hand sanitiserTypes of hand sanitiserOur list of the best hand sanitisers to purchase todayOur hand sanitiser top tips!

The Best Hand Sanitisers

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the UK hand sanitiser sales have astronomically increased. In March 2020 the increase of hand sanitiser sales in the UK was more than 225%, America saw this figure rise an increase of over 400%! With hand sanitiser becoming such a day-to-day item in our lives, we thought you may want to learn a little bit more.

What is hand sanitiser?

According to the Oxford dictionary hand sanitiser is; a liquid or substance used to remove bacteria from the hands. Soap and water or hand sanitizer can reduce the ability of a virus to survive. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) alcohol-based hand sanitiser is “An alcohol-containing preparation (liquid, gel or foam) designed for application to the hands to inactivate microorganisms and/or temporarily suppress their growth. Such preparations may contain one or more types of alcohol, other active ingredients with excipients, and humectants”.

What ingredients are in hand sanitiser?

Primarily hand sanitiser is made up of an alcohol and a base substance such as a gel or foam. Alcohol is used due to its antimicrobial activity to breakdown proteins, this causes microbes that make up bacteria and viruses that are present on our hands to lose their protective coatings and become non-functional.

The main alcohols used in hand sanitiser are isopropanol, ethanol and n-propanol or a mixture of these three. This is because these alcohols have shown no potential to acquire bacterial resistance therefore are suitable for repeated use.

For an effective hand sanitiser the alcohol levels should be between 60-95% however the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recommends formulas containing 70-80% because these values are in the middle range.

As the team at the BODE Chemie discovered in the 60s frequently disinfecting your hands with just alcohol can cause them to become extremely dry and uncomfortable. Therefore, in addition to the gel base, humectants such as glycerin and naturally occurring hydrochloric acid are added to help prevent hand sanitiser causing this dryness.

Many hand sanitisers available today also add moisturisers like aloe vera into the mix to replace some of the water that can be stripped from the hands by the alcohol in hand sanitiser. Additional product development in hand sanitisers has included incorporating appealing scents such as lavender.

News reports in the U.S warned people of the dangers that oral consumption of hand sanitisers could case as people of all ages were poisoned as a result of eating the scented hand sanitisers.

How to use hand sanitiser

  • Use a coin sized drop of hand sanitiser to clean your hands.
  • Thoroughly rub it in all over your palms, between your fingers and thumbs until the entire surface of the hands are covered.
  • Wait patiently for it to dry, this should only take around 15 to 20 seconds.

When to use hand sanitiser

There are lots of situations where hand sanitiser can become your best bet. Hand sanitiser is available in all sorts of sizes which is what makes it such a versatile product. Below are some of the scenarios where reaching for your hand sanitiser is a good idea:

Traveling on public transport; buses, trains and taxis. 

Hundreds and sometimes thousands of different people get on the same bus, train or on the London underground each day. With so many people mixing in one place it is wise to bring along your hand sanitiser to quickly disinfect your hands when getting off and on public transport.

Travelling on a plane. 

Similar to public transport, airports see thousands of people pass through them, having a hand sanitiser in your pocket is a great way to ensure your safety after touching check-in machines, travelator banisters and your plane seatbelt.

Using a public bathroom.

Of course, in a public bathroom you should always wash your hands after using the toilet. It may also be wise to use hand sanitiser on your hands after exiting if the bathroom has a door handle you have to touch.

When you cough or sneeze.

We all know that the best way to cough or sneeze is into a tissue and the phrase catch it, bin it, kill it comes to mind. Washing your hands is the best way to ‘kill it’, but if you are unable to do so use a hand sanitiser to get rid of any droplets that may have spread onto your hands.

When not to use hand sanitiser

Writing a full list for this would be too long, however be aware that overusing hand sanitiser could negatively affect your hand health. The alcohol in hand sanitiser not only kills harmful bacteria, but can also kill the good bacteria that make up our microbiome and keep us safe.

– If you have access to soap and water use that for at least 20 seconds instead of hand sanitiser there is no better way to clean your hands!

– If your hands are visibly dirty do not use hand sanitiser, opt for a wipe such as the Clinell hand wipes or wash them with soap and water.

– If you have a lot of cuts or very dry hands avoid using hand sanitiser it will sting quite badly and dry hands will become even more irritated and sore.

Types of hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is a must have product to keep safe from viruses and bacteria such as Covid-19 at work, in the home and the go.

We have hand sanitiser available in a variety of sizes from small 60ml hand sanitiser bottles perfect for pockets, bags, 500ml hand sanitisers for the office desk and reception area or large refillable hand sanitisers with automatic dispensers.

The large hand sanitisers are the best option for large venues and events, shops, restaurants and other commercial settings to ensure that all visitors use hand sanitiser, keeping them protected and safe.

All our hand sanitisers are available to purchase in bulk to provide optimum protection for large buildings, construction sites, warehouses and schools.

Our list of the best hand sanitisers to purchase today

Panodyne Hand Sanitiser Gel, 60ml

Panodyne Hand Sanitiser Gel 60ml is a portable and lightweight option for on the move protection. It fits snugly in pockets, bags and can be discreetly placed in work or retail locations without taking up much space. With added aloe vera to keep hands soft and a fresh scent you’ll always be prepared with your travel sized panodyne hand sanitiser.

Panodyne Hand Sanitiser, 500ml. Case of 24

For offices and larger venues purchasing a case of hand sanitiser may be your best bet. Perfect to place on tables and near touch points to help keep all visitors and staff safe whilst moving around the vent or building.

Our Panodyne Hand Sanitiser 500ml is able to kill more than 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses. It is extremely easy to use and dries quickly. Just rub into the hands for at least 15 seconds or until dry. Provides better skin tolerance and microbial killing strength when compared to antiseptic soap.

Auto Sanitiser Dispenser 1000ml

Hand sanitiser has become a front-line soldier in our fight against COVID-19 and it is wise to have sanitiser available in a range of settings from doctors’ surgeries and dentists to schools and cafes.

We know that it can feel counter-intuitive to touch a hand sanitiser that has been handled by others that’s why we stock a range of automatic (auto) dispensers to suit all budgets.

Our selection of auto dispensing wall soap and sanitiser dispensers are perfect for any busy bathroom and are available to browse as well as free-standing, peddle operated hand sanitiser dispensers.

Clinell Hand Wipes

Not quite hand sanitiser, Clinell wipes can also be purchased from us.

Antimicrobial technology eliminates bacteria and viruses from the hands using a softly scented individually wrapped hand wipe. A great choice for busy days on the go or for picnics, especially perfect for parents and families with young children.

Sign: Use Hand Sanitiser. 600 x 200mm

After purchasing your hand sanitiser let people know and purchase our hand sanitiser signage.

The hand sanitiser signage alerts people to use sanitiser and indicates where people can find it.

Our hand sanitiser top tips!

  • Use a coin sized drop of hand sanitiser to clean your hands, rub it in and wait for it to dry.
  • Not all hand sanisters are effective – we recommend using one with at least 70% alcohol to kill the most germs.
  • If your hands a greasy or visibly dirty we recommend leaving the sanitiser and using soap and water.
  • Hand sanitiser is perfect for on the go use, but always wash your hands when arriving at your destination.
  • In March 2020 a study carried out by Kantar revealed that hand sanitiser sales rose by 225%, we are expecting hand sanitiser to be a staple item in our pockets and bags for the future.

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