Covid-19 Vaccine Antibody Test Kit. Box of 24

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This is the first UK Antibody test kit to identify if a patient has developed the vaccine antibodies to fight against COVID-19

  • Identifies vaccine antibodies IgA, IgM, IgD, IgG and IgE
  • Easy to read and use
  • Packaged in individual packs to avoid wastage
  • No lab equipment required 
  • Quick results

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Panodyne Covid-19 Antibody (IgM/IgG) Vaccine Rapid Test Kit. Box of 24

Find out if your staff have immunity to SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). 24 tests individually packed.

The Panodyne Covid-19 Igm/Igg/Neutralising Antibody Post Vaccine Rapid Test Kit is designed to provide instant confirmation of the antibodies needed. Secondly, they come in a convenient pack designed for point of care testing, meaning this test can be easily administered without expensive laboratory equipment.

For instance, workplace testing programmes can be set up on site, allowing for mass testing and results in just 15 minutes without disrupting your business.


Key Features
  • Identifies vaccine antibodies IgA, IgM, IgD, IgG and IgE
  • Easy to read and use
  • Packaged in individual packs to avoid wastage
  • No lab equipment required reducing costs
  • Quick results to minimise business disruption

Furthermore, the rapid test kit is actually two tests in one lateral flow cassette. The test also identifies any natural immunity (different to the vaccine antibodies) from people who have previously contracted the virus, whether they know it or not.

Buying from official distributors such as Rapid Fire Supplies ensures that you get fully certified genuine products, with a reliable and trustworthy supply.

COVID-19 Antigen Test & COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits Range

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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit

The test removes the need for laboratory screening reducing time and costs.

Furthermore, it’s suitable for regular testing in the workplace: from schools, colleges and universities to supermarkets, transport & logistics, including construction sites, manufacturing & engineering, as well as non-essential NHS Staff.

Perfect for businesses who need to implement routine testing at home or work.

  • CE approved
  • All you need is in the pack
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Quick and easy to read
  • Designed for workplace testing

Panodyne Saliva Antigen Test Kit. Box of 24 are fully CE approved, designed for people who have difficulty with swab testing to identify Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus.

Antigen Saliva Test Kit (Lateral Flow Device) is a user-friendly and non-invasive rapid test kit that can be self-administered under supervision by trained staff, healthcare professional, company nurse or occupational health personnel. It’s also more comfortable and easier to use for vulnerable people or those with a disability.

  • CE approved
  • All you need is in the pack
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Non-Intrusive Saliva method
  • Quick and easy to read

High quality Antigen Test kits in a box of 25. These Antigen tests are great for workplace testing programmes for groups of 25 in a single session and come fully CE approved.

  • CE approved
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Detect SARS-CoV-2 antigen
  • No lab equipment needed

The unique COVID-19 and flu A/B Antigen test kit can help combat the spread of COVID-19 and the winter Influenza flu virus with early detection.

  • CE approved
  • Precise, reliable and accurate
  • Suitable for massive scale testing
  • Easy to use and read results
  • Identify Covid-19 and Flu

Panodyne Covid-19 antibody test kit is used to detect the IgM and IgG antibodies to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in human serum, plasma or whole blood sample qualitatively.

  • CE approved
  • Results within 15 minutes
  • No need for expensive Lab equipment
  • All you need in one package
  • Easy to read and use

This is the first UK Antibody test kit to identify if a patient has developed the vaccine antibodies to fight against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus from the vaccine.

Covid-19 Antibody (IgM/IgG) Vaccine Rapid Test Kit. Box of 24

  • CE approved
  • Bulk pricing
  • Identifies vaccine antibodies
  • No need for lab equipment
  • Easy to use

Covid-19 Test Accessories

If you are perfoming COVID-19 testing then we have just the right accessories for you.

Infrared Thermometer Gun

Our superb IR Non-Contact Thermometer Gun measures object and body temperature from a distance of 1-5cm, clear backlit LED display

Explainer Video – PDNVAT-U
with up to 40,000 takings.

Easimask FSM16 FFP3 NR Duckbill Mask. Box of 30

Easimask FSM16 FFP3 NR Duckbill Mask. Box of 30 The Easimask® Respirator Mask FFP3 range are extremely durable with a soft and comfortable inner surface, an adjustable nose piece and secured head straps.

PW25 Ultra Vista Safety Goggle Unvented

The protection of workers is essential at all times, but especially when working in hazardous spaces where airbourne gases pose a threat.

Gloveman Nitrile PF Gloves, Small (Blue). Box of 200

Great value blue stretch nitrile examination gloves. Designed specifically for the care industry and patient handling. Certified food safe gloves for use in food preparation and in the catering industry. EN445 Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4, EN388, EN374.

Disposable Apron 20mu. Pack of 1000

This simple barrier protection 20mu aprons are perfect for your COVID-19 testing programme. Used for food service, healthcare, dental and homecare and has waterproof protection from neck to knee. Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and very effective against dirt, moisture and oil embossed or smooth surface.

1. Place An Order With Us Online

Our simple online shop allows you to order and pay for our tests in minutes

2. Receive Your Antigen Swab Test Kit

We offer a range of delivery options at check out including guaranteed by 1pm next day

3. Test Procedure

Easy and simple to use the step-by-step instructions.

4. Get Your Results Immediately

Results of your Antigen test will be available within 15 minutes.

Our Lateral Flow Tests are accurate, fast and comfortable to use. Most importantly, they remove the need for close contact with others. This will reduce your risk of exposure to the virus. Furthermore, the Lateral Flow Rapid Tests (Antigen Tests & Antibody Tests) can be easily done without expensive laboratory equipment.

Additionally, workplace testing programmes using  Antigen Tests & Antibody Tests can be set up on site. This will allow for mass testing with results in just 15 minutes, without disrupting your business.

How to Use the Rapid Antigen Test Kits

The CE approved rapid antigen tests uses a swab in the nose or throat to collect the samples, unlike many others that require both nasal and throat samples. This is mixed with the rapid antigen solution, which comes in its own vial. Once you have mixed the sample and solution, you place some drops of solution onto the cassette. It takes up to 15 minutes to show the results, but they often appear sooner.

See our indepth user guide for Antigen Tests & Antibody Tests.

How to use the Antibody Test Kits

The CE approved Antibody test kit will show if you have antibodies against COVID-19. You do this by using the finger prick device to take a small sample of blood. You then drop the blood sample onto the cassette and add few drops of solution. It can take up to 15 minutes to show the results, but they often appear sooner.

See our indepth user guide for Antigen Tests & Antibody Tests.

Our Saliva Rapid Antigen Tests

Additionally, we now supply a Saliva rapid antigen test kits. The Panodyne saliva antigen test kit is made for people who have difficulty with swab testing for Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus.

See our indepth user guide for Antigen Tests & Antibody Tests.

Our Neutralising Antibody Tests (Post Vaccine Antibody testing)

We now have the first UK COVID-19 Vaccine Antibody test kit in stock. This will test to see if you have antibodies to fight against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) from the vaccine. This test also identifies any antibodies produced from having COVID-19.

Buy Antibody tests in bulk for workplace testing, save more money and find out if your staff are carrying the immunity protection for Covid-19 outbreaks.

Most importantly, buying from official distributors such as us here at Rapid Fire Supplies, ensures that you get fully certified products.

See our indepth user guide for Antigen Tests & Antibody Tests.

About us in more detail

We continue to serve our customers with quality products at the best possible prices. This is a main reason for our customers coming back  to us time and time again. Here are some reasons is why we have loyal customers:

  • Firstly, we are proud members of BSiF. This means we ensure our products meet the highest standards of PPE through a checking process. Furthermore, we are independently audited by BSiF every year.
  • Secondly, we supply some of the leading brands in safety. These brands are trusted throughout the UK in healthcare and industry. We are official distributors of Portwest and can offer their full range of PPE Supplies. This includes workwear, disposable items, Base footwear and gloves.
  • Thirdly, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. But don’t take our word for it! Our customers have given us amazing feedback and a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on TrustPilot. So you know that we provide top quality customer care and are always happy to help.

Above all, our honest approach to business is what sets us apart from the competition.

In short, customers who need a reliable supply of fully certified products can rely on our conscientious and responsible approach to business.

Explainer Video useful for workplace testing – PDNVAT-U

finding out if you have immunity to COVID-19

For a further information on the Panodyne Neutralising Antibody Post Vaccine Rapid Test Kit visit our explainer page here.


Additional information




Cassette, IFU, Individually foiled test Cassette, Lancet, Pipette, Pre Pad, Vial of Solution

Test Principle

Shelf Life

2 years

Commodity information


Test Type

Antibody Test Kit


CE certified



Assay format

Delivery options

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What is the Packaging specification:

24 cassette/box with all kits coming in their own individual box perfect for point of care

Do you have a video about the Neutralising Antibody Rapid Test Kit?

Yes we have a video explaining how to take the test step by step

What are the storage requirements?

Cool, dark and dry place at 2-30°C (Do not freeze)

What is the Sensitivity of the test?


What is the specifcity of the test?


How long to get the results?

15 minutes

At Rapid Fire Supplies, not only do we believe in looking after people with our range of high quality safety products, but we also believe in looking after our planet.

And that’s why we use Kite Packaging, an environmentally conscious eco-packaging company, to package your products ready for delivery safely to your front door. 

Packaging Regulations

They share our values and are committed to minimising their overall impact on the environment. Kite Packaging’s eco-packaging boxes maximise the use of recycled and recyclable materials and only work with suppliers who also recognise their environmental responsibilities – like us! Using eco-packaging allows our company to minimise the amount of packaging waste we produce and is a proactive approach to supporting our environment and planet.

We are proud to use Kite Packaging, especially as they are the only eco-packaging company to run a compliance Scheme (KES) for the Packaging Regulations. Additionally, they were one of the first eco-packaging organisations to be accredited with ISO 14001:2004.  Kite Packaging adopt a Replace and Re-Use strategy. Therefore replacing plastic packaging and products for the more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as recycled and recyclable products.

Kite Packaging supply a full range of environmentally friendly products that we use, including hive wrap: 

  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable
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And the enviro- box:

  • Environmentally friendly, strong cardboard boxes
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  • Some sizes are multi-scored, allowing you to reduce their height

Here at Rapid Fire Supplies, we continue to adapt to new technologies that can help us minimise our carbon footprint, eco-packaging is one of the ways we are actively doing this. When shopping with us, thanks to Kite Packaging’s eco-packaging, you are making an environmentally conscious choice.

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