Panodyne Type IIR mask. Box of 50


Panodyne Medical/Surgical Face Mask protects the wearer from large droplets, splashes and sprays of body fluid and hazardous fluids. Protects against small liquid droplets, blood and sputum from people close by and protects the patient from the wearer’s respiratory emissions. BFE 98%

Compliant to EN14683


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Panodyne Type IIR mask

FB2RM-U (Type 2R)
  • Wide earband
  • High elastic band
  • Waterproof material
  • Folding design
  • Super soft cloth
  • Air seal wrapped
  • Non sterile

CE certification, Designed for medical use, High performance of BFE,PFE and ΔP, Good performance of anti micro-dust, anti-spray, anti-virus.

This Panodyne Type IIR Face mask is an air breathing apparatus designed for bacterial filtration. It consists of:

2 polypropylene (PP) layers
1 layer Melt blown (middle layer)
2 Holding Elastics
1 Nose Barrette

  1. Take and face the outer-surface of the mask.
  2. While facing the outer-surface of the mask away from you, loop the ear loops comfortably around your ears.
  3. Adjust the nose band to fit nicely on the bridge of your nose, conforming to the contour of your face.
  4. Now holding the nose band in place, pull the bottom end of the mask under your chin to fully cover your mouth, your nose, as well as your chin.
  5. To offer a good protection, it’s suggested user to change a new one after using the mask for 4 hours
Technical Specifications

NON WOVEN 3ply FACE MASK – according to EN14683:2019 standard: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)>99% at 3.0±0.3μm.

Raw Material:
Layer 1: Blue, Green,Yellow, lilac, Orange, Fresh Green, Pink or White, PP Layer
Layer 2: White, Purpose-made Melt blown
Layer 3: White, PP Non woven
Holding Elastics: Urethane Elastic Fiber
Nose Barrett: Polyethylene with Iron wire
Fiberglass-free and latex-free
Force at Break

If you would like more information please see our blog Face Coverings – what you need to know about face masks….or see our other range of Masks and Respirators here.

We are proud to be the preferred supplier of PPE for the Alzheimer’s Society, keeping their frontline workers prepared when working with dementia patients.

Additional information

CE Conformity

NON WOVEN FACE MASK – according to EN14683:2019 standard:
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)>99% at 3.0±0.3μm.

Non Woven Face Mask:

CE certification
Designed for medical use
High performance of BFE,PFE and ΔP
Good performance of anti micro-dust, anti-spray, anti-virus

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions and Weight:
Dimensions: 17.5cm*9.5cm (±1cm)
Ear-loop: (16+1)cm, elongation between 220% and 260%
Packaging: 20 x 40 piece in outer single pcked
Box: 18cm*10cm*7cm
Carton: 52cm*38cm*30m

This Mask Features And Instructions:

Mask Features:
1. Outer Layer:
Water-repellant, to prevent fluids from entering the mask
2. Middle Layer:
Being high level static filtration non-woven, effectively preventing micro dust and bacteria with
Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) at 99% at 0.1±0.003μm, tested by Nelson Lab.
3. Inner Layer:
Soft and comfortable PP non-woven
4. Total Mask:
Be good at anti-spray, blood penetration resistance at 120mm Hg.





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Type IIR
Panodyne Type IIR mask. Box of 50