P900 A1 Gas Filter (P410)

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portwest logoThe P900 filter is an anti-gas filter that protects against contaminant gases. It is equipped with a special thread connection for pair use only, it can be used on P410 Half Mask only.


P900 A1 Gas Filter (P410)

P900 is an A type class 1 gas filter and protects against organic gases and vapours where the boiling point is higher than 65°C. It can also be used to protect against substances and solvents. Equipped with special thread for pair use only, it can be used on P410 Half Mask only.

P900 A1 Gas Filter (P410) Key Features

  • Retail box which aids presentation for retail sales
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Equipped with special thread for pair use only
  • can be used on P410 Half Mask only
  • EN 143 Type A 1

Additional markings of particulate filters

R [Reusable]: Faceseal can be cleaned, disinfected and used for more than one shift.

D: These masks have passed the optional Dolomite clogging test, for better breathing resistance over a longer period.

NR [Non Reusable]: Disposable. Comfortable and durable throughout the whole shift.


They must be disposed of in accordance with the applicable waste disposal regulations. Information is provided by your local responsible authority.

Respiratory Protection

The Portwest industrial range of disposable and reusable respirators includes Half Masks and Full Face Masks designed to offer the most comfortable and best fitting products in the marketplace. Conforming to EN standards EN149 (Particulate Filtering Half Masks), EN140 (Half Masks) and EN136 (Full Face Masks). Complete with a full range of interchangeable filter options on the Half and Full Face Mask styles. EN14683 (Medical Masks) and 2 or 3 layer Fabric Face Coverings with antibacterial styles are also available within the range.

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GA S  F I L T E R  M O D E L  E N  1 4 3 87

Model Colour Area of application
A Brown Organic gases and vapours, boiling point > 65°C
B Grey Inorganic gases and vapours
E Yellow Acid gases (e.g. sulphur dioxide, hydrochloric acid)
K Green Ammonia
AX Brown Organic vapours boiling point ≤ 65°C
Hg P3 Red-White Mercury

GA S  F I L T E R  C L A S S  E N  1 4 3 87

Class Maximum use level with half mask Series 7000 Maximum use level with full face mask Series 9000
1 1000 ppm (0.1 percent by volume) or 30 x WEL* 1000 ppm (0.1 percent by volume) or 400 x WEL*
2 5000 ppm (0.5 percent by volume) or 30 x WEL* 5000 ppm (0.5 percent by volume) or 400 x WEL*
* WEL = Workplace Exposure Limit whichever is lower

CAUTION: AX filters must only be used once. Low-boiling gases (≤ 65°C) generally bind poorly with gas filters. This may result in shorter periods in service. Please refer to the relevant national regulations for information about the maximum permissible application concentrations and times for the individual compounds. Only use with vapours with good warning properties.
AX filters do not offer adequate protection against various low-boiling gases.

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