Lightweight Knee Pad

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The Lightweight Knee Pad offers complete protection, comfort and convenience with a cut out handle for easy transport. Perfect for on site working.

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Lightweight Knee Pad

So lightweight, you won’t even know you are wearing it. Designed to wrap around your knee, moulding to its shape using two lightweight well placed straps. A tough outer shell gives your knees protection against sharp objects and uneven surfaces. Its thick foam centre cushions your knee, while its breathable inner fabric allows air to circulate preventing any build up of moisture.

Lightweight Knee Pad Key Features

  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • CE certified
  • Ergonomically designed and tested straps ensure no pinching to the back of the wearers leg
  • A strong and durable outer shell makes for a long lasting tough knee pad
  • Silicone gel inserts protect joints and ensure great wearer comfort
  • EN 14404:2004+A1:2010 Type 1 (Level 0)

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue matting is ergonomically designed to reduce stress caused from long periods of standing by actively working the legs. This increases blood flow to an ideal rate and prevents numbness and aching in the feet. Cushioning abilities provide a soft, comfortable effect whilst maintaining a correct posture and allowing users to work for a longer duration with lessirritation whilst insulating feet from cold surfaces. We have a range of anti-fatigue mats or kneeling pads, such as the Total comfort kneeling pad or the Kneeling Pad.


Portwest knee pads offer a range of knee protection to suit every situation, type 1 (strap on knee pads), type 2 (insert knee pads) and type 3 (kneeling pads). All Portwest knee pads use premium high density material to give the user the best protection possible for their knees no matter the hazard. Diverse materials such as EVA foam, neoprene rubber and silicone gel inserts are used to ensure maximum wearer comfort. Ergonomics is a key feature in our knee pads design and is backed up in the positive feed back we receive from our wearer trials.

Portwest knee pads have been trialed and tested receiving high quality, positive feedback across the board. Designed using ergonomics to inform decisions and accredited with the European and UK standards for PPE, these knee pads have been specifically created with the user in mind. Plumbers, electricians, construction workers and decorators may need to spend extended lengths of time kneeling down in order to complete tasks. A plumber may be reconnecting a bathtub on a hard tiled floor that can be both cold and painful on the knee joints which over time could cause permanent damage. However, with Portwest’s soft padded knee pads this pain will be a distant memory and the plumber will be able to comfortably work for a longer amount of time, enabling them to quickly complete tasks and simultaneously care for their overall physical health. Knee pads are available to purchase in a variety of sizes to adapt to the users needs depending on how tight the environment is, such as an electrician in a small cupboard or a construction worker kneeling on scaffolding whilst tiling a new roof. From foam and gel pads that are attached with a breathable strap directly onto the knees to flat knee pad mats with handy cut out handles for easy transport, there are options for workers of all maintenance-based jobs to find the best knee pad for them.

PPE Accessories

Offering you a variety of products that can ensure safety and protection within your workplace. Ranging from visual warnings for indoor and outdoor use, to back support for tasks relating to heavy lifting.

Best SellersPortwest Knee Pad, Ultimate Gel Knee PadSuper Gel Knee Pad and the Lightweight Knee Pad.

Work environments can be a dangerous place without the right tools and PPE to keep you and others safe. Electricians, plumbers and construction workers are some of the job roles where people are most at risk from bumps and trips to more extreme hazards such as falling, electrocution and chronic physical injuries as a result of static positions and compromised posture; therefore the right PPE is essential. We offer a variety of specially selected, high quality products to keep you safe whilst at work. Ranging from visual warnings for outdoor use and products providing back support for tasks relating to heavy lifting to vital accessories for your everyday tool bag, we have you covered.

Every labourer from decorators, boiler technicians and electricians to plumbers is at risk from physical exertion at work. Protect yourself and your employees with knee pads, bumper caps, tool belts and bags, specific Portwest workwear, a range of torches and much more to suit your job role.



Many garments in the Portwest range are made from recycled polyester. Portwest use 35 million 16.9 fl oz recycled bottles to make Portwest garments every year! 

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WHAT IS EN14404?

This is the European standard which specifies the performance requirements for kneepads. Here are 3 examples of specific tests conducted as part of the standard.


This test aims to simulate kneeling several times in quick succession. It involves a machine using a force of five joules of energy which strikes various parts of the knee pad five times within five minutes. The transmitted force (i.e. the residual impact not absorbed by the kneepad) is measured in Kn. In order for the kneepad to pass, the mean average of the 5 tests cannot exceed 3Kn and no single measurement can exceed 4Kn.


This test is used to assess the performance level of a kneepad to protect the knee against objects. In order to pass the test, the internal surface of the kneepads must not deflect by more than 5mm when a particular level of force is applied.

100N 100N 250N
>5mm < or = 5mm < or = 5mm
0 1 2


This test is used to gauge how well the kneepads stay in position during use. This test is solely for Type 1 strap on kneepads. The straps must have a maximum width of 30mm and cannot stretch more than 40mm when a force of 10N is applied. This is to ensure that they stay in position and that they are not overly constrictive causing discomfort to the user. A type 1 kneepad is deemed to pass the restraint test based on feedback collated from test subjects.