Clinell Sporicidal Wipes

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Effective against spores in one minute, the UK’s safest, most trusted sporicidal wipes for high level cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and non-invasive medical devices.


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Clinell Sporicidal Wipes

Peracetic acid generating wipes for safe surface disinfection and the cleaning of non-invasive medical devices. Effective against spores in one minute.

The UK’s safest, most trusted sporicidal wipes for high level cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and non-invasive medical devices. Incredibly powerful, with 6 log spore kill count in just 1 minute, yet kind to surfaces thanks to patented, near-neutral pH formula. Proven to reduce C. difficile-associated disease by 72%.

Clinell Sporicial Wipes

Containing patented technology, Clinell Sporicidal Wipes are designed for  use on all surfaces of non-invasive medical devices. Upon activation with water, they generate peracetic acid levels proven to kill most microorganisms including dry biofilm pathogens.

Clinell Sporicidal Wipes are a high level disinfectant wipe highly effective against C. diffici/e spores. They clean and disinfect, providing a more effective and safe alternative to two-step detergent cleaning followed by chlorine solution disinfection.


Clinell Sporicidal WipesPowerful disinfecting composition using a pH optimised peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide combination, generated from sodium percarbonate and tetraacetylethylenediamine.

High power oxidative kill against all microorganisms including non­ enveloped viruses, bacterial endospores and dry biofilms.

Conforms to EN1276, EN13704, EN14348, EN14476, EN14561, EN14562, EN14563 and EN16615.

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Universal Range

Product Product Code
Clinell Universal Wipes. Pack of 40  CW40
Clinell Universal Wipes Clip Pack 50  CWCP50
Clinell Universal Wipes. Thick pack of 100  BCW100
Clinell Universal Wipes. Tube of 100  CWTUB100
Clinell Universal Maceratable Wipes – Pack of 160 Wipes  CWFM160
Clinell Universal Wipes. Pack of 200  CW200
Clinell Universal Wipes. Bucket of 225  CWBUC225
Clinell Universal Disinfectant Spray. 60ml  CDS60
Clinell Universal Spray 500ml  CDS500
Clinell Clorox CCLX70

Clinell Sporicidal Wipes Effective Against / Efficacy Data 


Effective Against Test Kill Time
Acinetobacter baumannii EN13727 10 sec
Enterococcus faecalis EN13727 10 sec
Enterococcus hirae EN13727
10 sec
1 min
Escherichia coli (E. coli) EN13727 10 sec
Klebsiella pneumoniae (ESBL) EN13727 10 sec
Pseudomonas aeruginosa EN13727
10 sec
1 min
Staphylococcus aureus EN13727
10 sec
1 min
Dry biofilms ASTM E2967-15 Wiping 10 sec, contact 2 min
Bacillius subtilis EN 13704 2 min
Clostridium difficile EN13704
ASTM E2362-09
2 min
2 min
Mycobacterium avium EN14348 2 min
Mycobacterium terrae EN14348 2 min
Candida auris EN 13624 10 sec
Adenovirus EN14476 1 min
Canine parvovirus EN14675 2 min
Human Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) EN14476 1 min

Report!  Gama Healthcare, manufacturers of Clinell products, are repulsed at the amount of sellers who have inflated the prices of their Clinell wipes and sprays.  We share the view that these deplorable practices are shocking, which is why we became an official distributor and offer the products inline with their RRP or lower.  You can help stop the inflated prices by reporting any exploitations you see direct to Gama Healthcare.

Why our customers choose us.

Rapid Fire Supplies is a trusted partner to many charities, local government, and businesses all over the UK and Eire. There are many reasons our customers choose us and comeback again and again. Above all, our trustworthy approach to business is what sets us apart.

  • Firstly, we are proud members of BSiF, which means we ensure our products meet the highest standards of PPE through a vigorous checking process and are independently audited by BSiF every year.
  • Secondly, we provide some of the leading brands in safety, brands that are trusted throughout the UK in healthcare and industry. For example, we are official distributors of Gama Healthcare and can offer their full range of Clinell Universal range including Detergent RangeAntimicrobial range,  Sporicidal and Clorox.
  • Thirdly, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, but don’t take our word for it! Our customers have provided us with amazing feedback and an incredible 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on TrustPilot, so you can rest assured that we provide top quality customer care and are always happy to help.

In short, customers who need a regular reliable supply of fully certified products can rely on our conscientious and responsible approach to business partnerships.

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EN Standards



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What is the shelf life of Clinell Sporicidal Wipes?

2 years.

Why are the wipes dry?

Clinell Sporicidal Wipes are inactive when dry. With the addition of water the wipes generate peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, powerful oxidative agents with activity against a broad spectrum of microorganisms.

Are you able to provide evidence of their effectiveness against the spores of the of the bacteria Clostridium difficile?

In addition to undertaking the EN Standard Tests for spore forming organisms, research has also been published on Clinell Sporicidal Wipes in a number of academic reviewed papers.

Do these wipes contain Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QUATS)?

Clinell Sporicidal Wipes do not contain Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. This is because QUATS are sporistatic, not sporicidal (i.e. they do not kill spores)

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Packaging Regulations

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