Sophisticated research and development techniques are employed to provide insight into these new markets – meeting all the legal requirements, stringent safety testing and certifications before we make available any new products to sell to the public.
We also ensure our current line of B2B products are regularly re-appraised for quality and improved on to deliver even better performance.

Get COVID Secure. The Panodyne range of COVID-19 hygiene products for personal, workplace and public protection includes high-grade Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Face Screens, Protective Gloves and IR Thermometers.

Experience and Commitment

For over two decades Multibrands has been researching and developing its own exciting range of FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods). Premium quality, everyday products which fulfil the consumers’ expectations.

Our brands are high-quality products, produced by some of the best factories in the world. Designed by the most passionate and professional designers. Truly unique in design and developed to fulfil each and every need of the consumer.

To provide consumers with desire and requirement is what drives Multibrands. With a wealth of market experience, each product is a value for money produced to the highest quality and is fully guaranteed.