ABC Class

The FIRECHIEF ABC Class POWDER EXTINGUISHERS are widely recognised and trusted by a vast range of industries in the UK, from hotels to workplaces, offices and cafes, manufacturing to logistics and in short, anywhere that is taking responsibility for Fire Safety. This Fire extinguisher has been designed, developed and tested in the UK for use on A-classB-class and C-class fires (ABC Class).

Have confidence in protecting people from fire risks, help them escape from the hazards of combustible carbon-based solids e.g. paper, wood or textiles, volatile liquids and flammable gases

There are many reasons to choose the FIRECHIEF POWDER EXTINGUISHER. Above all, it provides a vital tool in fire safety and escape. This product carries the well-known KitemarkLPCB and MED certification as well as the CE mark, assuring you that it achieves superior results.

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