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With over 100 years of experience and a hertigate of quality, value and service, Portwest is firmly established as a world leader in the design and manufacturer of stylish, comfortable, high quality workwear and PPE that meets multiple recognised international standards.

Womens workwear from portwest
Portwest official distributors Head Protection
Safety Helmets

FD17 Steelite Met Protector Safety Boot S3
Safety Boots
Portwest official distributors of hi-Vis garments
S555 - Outcoach Jacket This high performance jacket offers maximum waterproof, windproof and breathable protection for year round performance.

Portwest credentials

Portwest own four ultra-modern factories in Bangladesh (x2), Myanmar and now Ethiopia, giving full control over their exceptional quality, lead times and ethical sourcing. Portwest’s reputation for technical know-how, rigorous implementation and attention to style and detail is well proven. Consistent colours, fabric qualities, good fit and competitive pricing are taken as a given by customers.

Portwest’s rapidly expanding head protection product range aims to benefit our customers by combining the most updated styles and standards in head protection, irrespective of job or location.For example, building sites with labour workforce, or site inspectors we have all the colours to help identity people easily. A wide selection of compatible accessories is also available inlcuing ear protection.

Portwest has an extensive safety boot range including their stylish Base footwear range.

Portwest Product Range comprehensive list

Key Products from Head Protection, PPE, Hearing Protection

BIZ2 Flame Resistant JacketBIZ2
Nitrosafe Plus Chemical GauntletA812
Extended Length Nitrile GauntletA813
Sandy Grip Lite GauntletAP60
Aqua-Seal Pro GloveA726
Safety Impact Glove LinedA725
Liquid Pro GloveAP80
NPR Pro Nitrile Foam AP65
Thermo Pro Ultra GloveAP02
Nero Lite Foam GloveAP70
Double Dipped Latex GauntletA801
Double Dipped PVC GauntletA827
Supergrip Impact HR Cut GloveA728
Anti Impact Cut Resistant GloveA722
22 Inch Cut Resistant SleeveA691GRR
Anti Impact Grip GloveA721
Double Palm Rigger GloveA230
Neoprene Chemical GauntletA820
Heavyweight Latex Rubber Gauntlet 600mmA803
Heavyweight Latex Rubber GauntletA802
R3 Impact Winter GloveA762
TPV Impact Cut GloveA723
Double Dipped PVC Gauntlet 35cmA835
Double Dipped PVC Gauntlet 27cmA827
Classic Canadian Rigger GloveA209
Microdot GloveA080
Hi-Vis Bump CapPW79
Portwest Bump CapPW59
Expertbase Safety HelmetPW50
Expertbase PRO Safety HelmetPW51
Endurance Plus Visor HelmetPW54
Endurance Visor HelmetPW55
Ultra Vista GogglePS24
BizWeld Plus Welding HelmetPW65
Endurance Carbon Look HelmetPC55
Comfort Ear ProtectorPW43BKR
Endurance Visor ReplacementPW56CLR
Replacement Shield Plus VisorPW99
Replacement Mesh VisorPW94BKR
Endurance Badge Holder HelmetPB55
Top Ear MuffPS44
Premium Clip-On Ear ProtectorPS45
Classic HV Ear ProtectorPS40YER
Detectable TPR Corded Ear Plug. Pack of 50EP07
Detectable Corded PU Ear Plug (200 pairs)EP30
Premium Ear MuffPS46
Carbon Valved Dolomite RespiratorP223
FFP2 Valved Dolomite RespiratorP203
FFP2 Valved RespiratorP201
EAGLE FFP2 Valved Dolomite Fold RespiratorP291WHR
EAGLE FFP3 Valved Dolomite Fold RespiratorP391WHR
FFP3 NR – Flat Filtering Half Mask (Pack of 20)600017
Medical Mask Type IIR Dispenser Box 50P029
Individually Wrapped Medical MaskP031
Black Portwest Reusable 3 Ply Mask. Box of 25CV33BKR
BizTex Microcool Coverall Type 5/6 ST50
BizTex Microporous Coverall Type 4/5/6ST60
BizTex Microporous Coverall Type 5/6ST40
Disposable PE OvershoesD340
BizTex Microporous Shoe Cover Type PB[6]ST44
BizTex SMS FR Boot Cover Type PB[6]ST85
Hi Vis Holster Work TrouserT501
Iona Safety Combat TrousersS917
Non-Marking Knee PadKP50
Womens Hi-Vis TrouserLW71
Hi-Vis Mesh Lined FleeceF300
Hi-Vis Short Sleeved Polo RISRT22
Seville Hi-Vis TrousersTX71
Hi Vis Short Sleeve PoloS477
LED Hi-Vis Executive VestL476
Hi-Vis Anti Static Jacket – Flame ResistantFR785
Hi-Vis FR VestFR75
Hi-Vis Anti Static Vest – Flame ResistantFR71
Hi-Vis Two Band & Brace VestC470
Hi Vis Pocket T-ShirtS190
VISITOR Hi-Vis VestC405
Hi-Vis Executive JacketS475
Hi-Vis Essential 2-in-1 JacketC464
Social Distance Hi-Vis T-ShirtCV78
Lille Hi-Vis JacketTX50
Hi-Vis Rain JacketH440
Hi-Vis Lite Traffic JacketS160
Hi-Vis Vest – Dual ID HolderC475
Waterproof Winter Coverall BlackS585BKR
Portwest Texo Contrast CoverallTX15
Cotton Boilersuit NavyC811NAR
Iona Cotton Coverall RedC814RER
KX3 Polo ShirtT820
WX3 Softshell GiletT751
WX3 Baffle JacketT752
Limax Insulated JacketS505
Be Jetty Top Safety BootB0883BKR
Be-Uniform Safety ShoeB0887BKD
Be-Moon Top Safety BootB0877BEO
Be-Powerful Safety ShoeB0897BGN
Marathon ESD Safety ShoeB0677BKB
Bison Top Safety BootsB0741BRK
Steelite All Weather BootFW57
Steelite Constructo Nubuck BootFW32
Traction 18cm Safety BootFCD02
Compositelite Operis Shoe S3FC61
Steelite Louisa Ladies Ankle BootFT41
Retroglo Orange Hi-Vis BootFC59ORR
Be-Rock Safety BootB0895BRR
Kate Womens Safety ShoeB0323BLP
Antistatic Micro Dot GloveA196
Vending Antistatic PU Palm Glove (Box of 432)VA199
Antistatic Shell Work GloveA197
Antistatic PU Palm GloveA199
Antistatic PU Fingertip Work GlovesA198
Assembly Glove (960 Pairs)A020
Grip Glove Latex BlackA100K8R
Grip Glove Latex RedA100R8R
Grip Glove Latex OrangeA100RR
Grip Glove LatexA100G4R
Tergsus Glove YellowA250YERL
Tergsus Glove OrangeA250ORRS
CT AHR Nitrile FoamCT67
Polka Dot Plus GloveA113
Criss Cross GloveA130
Furniture Hide GloveA200YERXL
PU Palm GloveA120
DermiFlex Plus GloveA351
Portwest Nitrile Disposable GlovesA925BLU
AURELIA Protege Examination Gloves XLDIS327
DEHP Gloves Nitrile Exam Pwd/F Blue X-Large 180pkDIS95205
Halyard Sterling Nitrile PF Large (White). Box of 200DIS22403-L
Ballistic Work TrouserS918
Action Work ShortsS889
Terni Polo ShirtB185
Iona Polo shirtF477
Painters Pro Polo ShirtKS51
Texo Contrast Polo ShirtTX20
Verona Cotton Polo ShirtB220
Compositelite Operis Safety BootFC60
Compositelite Reno Safety BootFC53
Compositelite Derwent Safety BootFC15
Compositelite Indiana Rigger BootFC16
PW3 Hi-Vis Bib & BracePW344
Sealtex Ultra Bib & BraceS497
Women’s Combat Trousers BlackCO99BKR
Howie Coat – Texpel FinishC865
Hi-Vis Poly-cotton CoverallE042
Men’s Food Coat2202WHR
Men’s Food Coat Royal Blue2202BR
Men’s Food Coat Navy2202
Somerset Chefs JacketC834WHR
Somerset Chefs Jacket BlackC834BKR
Executive Chefs JacketC776WHR
Softshell Jacket (3L) GreyTK50GGR
Outcoach JacketS555
Chefs Skull Cap WhiteS899WHR
Split Apron 80cmS796BKR
Cross-Over Chefs Jacket BlackC730BKR
ESD Work SockSK21BKR
Combat SockSK10BKR
P500 Full Face MaskP500BKR
P516 Full Face MaskP516BLU
P920 ABEK1 Gas Filter (P410)P920GRR
P900 A1 Gas Filter (P410)P900GRR
P902 A2 Gas FilterP902GRR
FR08 Bizflame Flame Retardant Jacket Blue CE CAT IIIFR08
FR79 Bizflame Multi Arc Hi-Vis JacketFR79
FB300 Fire Protection Over-CoatFB30
MV25 Hi-Vis Modaflame JacketMV25
PW360 PW3 Hi-Vis Extreme Breathable Rain JacketPW360
B317 Hi-Vis Two-Tone Zip Front HoodieB317
PW3 Hi-Vis Crew Neck SweatshirtPW379
S769 Hi-Vis 2-Tone Jacket ReversibleS769
Rapid Araflame Insulated Winter JacketAF82
Rapid Bizflame Waterproof JacketS779
Rapid Modaflame Waterproof JacketMV70
Rapid Modaflame Softshell JacketMV72
S785 Flame Resistant Rain Anti-Static FR JacketS785
Best Thermal Glove Arctic Winter PortwestA146
Cheap Thermal Glove Cold Grip PortwestA145
Cheap Thermal Glove Thermal Grip PortwestA140

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