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The brand:

Panodyne for quality and assurance is renowned throughout the industry as a trusted and ‘go-to’ brand. As a result, numerous distributors have dropped alternative brands to support them (despite the disparity in pricing in the market). This is because it is the market’s most requested and sellable product. 

Firstly, it is a UK brand supported by a UK based company operative in the market for over 25 years. Secondly, Multibrands offer an unrivalled heritage of excellent client service and a rapid response to order delivery. Lastly, they efficiently deal with queries, feedback and even complaints.

Panodyne Antigen Tests
Panodyne Antibody test kit

More on assurance:

Due to the specific nature of these rapid antigen tests, other distributors are not always able to offer FULL PRODUCT LIABILITY. However, Panodyne proudly does.

Additionally, Multibrands Inc are MHRA recognised and previously the MHRA have responded back to enquiries about their integrity with superb endorsements. Furthermore, the products are regularly validated by the MHRA as fully legal for sale. So, in light of this Panodyne do not operate any false marketing claims purporting to have “special registration”. Certain other brands are doing so and this is actually illegal. Amongst other things these practices can lead to trust issues within the industry. This is a further illustration of Panodyne for quality and assurance.

Understanding pricing:

In terms of other alternatives, the price disparities generally stem from the fact that they are multi kit boxes. So unless these are used absolutely efficiently, clients can end up not having enough liquid for all the tests to be used (a regular complaint).  This is because you only get 2 buffer bottles of the solution to use across all kits in the box. Additionally, there is a risk of cross contamination when separating out the contents from the box to give to individuals.

Not only are multi kits sometimes not fit for purpose, but they are also a challenge for distribution. So, assuming you have 20 users for one box this just about works – but what if you don’t?  And what if you only want to buy five or ten kits?  How do you split the box?  The answer is plainly that you can’t. 

As a side note on the rapid antigen test kits: The buffer is the main cost of the test kits, so two buffers instead of twenty five is clearly a fraction of the cost and is how the price is cut in other products.

CE approval:

Because Panodyne take product liability, efficacy and legality incredibly seriously they have ensured that the Panodyne swab is CE NB approved. Some other brands have not done this and without CE NB, swabs are actually illegal as this is a medical device. Panodyne kits are individual and produced under the strictest production standards. 

Multibrands and the Panodyne brand: 

Multibrands fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) are widely recognised as premium products which equal or surpass the performance of other established high-profile brands. 

As a British FMCG company, Multibrands’ take great care to research and develop only reliable, quality products. As a result the products they produce are premium British quality consumer goods, that look after you and your family.  

Furthermore, to ensure safety compliance, Multibrands are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and enforce quality practices throughout their business.  Additionally, they have gained Investors in People accreditations. 

Eco credentials: 

As a manufacturing company, Mulitbrands (which includes the Panodyne brand) take pride in their self-imposed duty to protect our fragile world from unnecessary damage. As a result, they ensure that the raw materials used are sourced responsibly. 

Because they use modern production processes that follow ecologically sound principles, their practices release as few contaminants as possible into the precious environment.  Additionally, all Multibrand factories operate to ISO 14001 environmental management systems. And furthermore, the consumer products all use recyclable paper and biodegradable plastics.  

Lastly, the logistics and transport systems operate using only low emission vehicles and so help to reduce air pollution. 

Research and design: 

For over two decades Multibrands has been researching and developing their range of goods.  With a wealth of market experience, each product is great value for money, produced to the highest quality and fully guaranteed. Panodyne for quality and assurance.

Panodyne hand sanitiser

More on available ranges:

Panodyne have created a whole range of products, all with the quality and assurance to ensure you are safe.

Panodyne hand sanitiser:

The hand sanitiser kills more than 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses and it’s super easy to use. It dries quickly, so just rub into the hands for at least 15 seconds or until dry. 

This Panodyne hand sanitiser provides better skin tolerance and microbial killing strength when compared to antiseptic soap and is a viable alternative to hand washing (especially where there is no water or use of water may not be appropriate).

The sanitiser comes as a gel and in a range of sizes to suit your requirements. For easy to use on the go 60ml handy size, to refilling the hygienic office hand sanitiser dispenser with the large 5 litre container.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

A further example of the great Panodyne design is found in this fingertip pulse oximeter. It conveniently measures your blood oxygen and pulse rate and provides the perfusion index measurement.

Not only is the oximeter durable, lightweight and easily portable, it also has a long battery life due to it’s low power consumption. Additionally the energy saving feature powers the device off after five seconds.

For further ease of use, the high resolution multidirectional TFT display shows the plethysmograph waveform and the oximeter stores up to eight hours sleep monitoring and recording waveform data.

Panodyne Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

All Panodyne products that we stock are CE certified and have all required documentation to give you, the customer, the Panodyne quality assurance.

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