Use of gloves for protection

Use of disposable gloves as protection

What should I look for to be protected when using disposable gloves?

You have to check that the gloves are tested against EN455.

The gloves can also be tested as personal protective equipment. Here you will see a CE symbol followed by CAT II or CATIII. There will be an icon called EN374-5 with VIRUS written below. This means that the gloves have been tested and checked by a third party.

Also, keep in mind that examination gloves do not break down viruses and bacteria, they merely act a barrier between your skin and the virus or bacteria. Therefore, be aware that you can move viruses and bacteria with the glove. Change gloves as often as possible in order to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Which disposable gloves protect me from viruses?

The first step is to ensure the dispenser has “medical examination gloves” written on the box.

The second step is to check for the medical glove standard EN 455 on the dispensers. There is no icon for EN 455, therefore you will normally find it written on the box. Gloves tested against medical testing standard EN 455 part 1-4 indicate the gloves are suitable to be used in the medical field. 

You can use all medical examination gloves made of nitrile, latex and vinyl. Be aware however, that after prolonged use of vinyl gloves, the material extends and creates pores, giving virus or bacteria the ability to penetrate the glove.

Can I use latex and nitrile gloves equally?

Yes. Both types of gloves will be tested often against the same virus, under the standard called EN374-5 VIRUS.

It is important to keep an eye on the icon on the back of the box.

If the word VIRUS does not appear under the symbol, they have only been tested for bacteria and fungi.