About Us

Our company Rapid Fire Supplies
Trusted Suppliers of Hygiene Products, Workplace Safety Equipment and Facilities Management

Why we exist?

Our business has been created to provide trusted products for our customers, so they can focus on what is important to them, being brilliant. Putting customer service and reliability at the heart of our business means we fill the gaps missed by other companies, who aren’t able to give the personal attention and partnership approach. 

Our vision

To set the standards for trust and integrity between customers and businesses in the UK.

Our mission

Rapid Fire Supplies leads the way to end all poor customer experiences with online purchases, providing fully transparent supply chains, reducing risk in the work place and maximising long term sustainability.

Our core values

Rapid Fire Supplies core values are forged by our commitment to the highest ethical standards and drive our priorities, commitments and organisational decisions. Our reputation is the ultimate asset and these core values guide our behaviours, judgments and how we accomplish our mission.


We assure and maintain transparency in our relationships with each other and throughout our supply chain.

Consumer focus

We seek to understand, learn from and meet the needs of customers.


We keep our commitments and make measurable progress to achieve our mission.

About Us: The Owners

Craig Eddy Co Owner
Craig Eddy Co-Owner
After 21 years working for large companies, such as Royal Mail Group and CitySprint Ltd, Craig saw a need to create a company that could put the customer first. A hassle-free service that removes the challenges customers have come to accept with other logistics and supplies services.
Nikki Little Co Owner
Nikki Little Co-Owner
Over a 22 year career Nikki has established a reputation for delivering results to the benefit of companies in many sectors. Her friendly sense of humour is complimented by her professionalism and attention to detail, which very quickly builds trust with our customers and suppliers.

About Us – What We Believe

In an environment with so many options for UK PPE and hygiene suppliers, we pride ourselves in sourcing and working with trusted partners. This gives you the customer not only the best price, but also the comfort in knowing you are working with proven partners who have your best interest, customer service delivery and product quality at heart.

  • Communication 100%
  • Honesty 100%
  • Trust 100%

With the business opening at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, it soon became clear that some businesses were taking advantage of the current climate and selling PPE at vastly inflated prices. 

This didn’t sit well with us and an opportunity arose to buy high quality PPE and sell at a low rate, enabling us to pass on savings to those working through the pandemic and beyond.

About us - Trust

Trust is our most important value, everything we do ensures trust is built with our customers and suppliers. We hold the relationship together through our uncompromising focus on reliability, great value and high quality products. All of our PPE products are fully certified and are therefore suitable for use in clinical environments, the food industry and by private individuals.

About us - Transparency

With this approach we’ve been able to create relationships with both suppliers and buyers, who appreciate our work ethic and our values. We often use the word “transparent” to describe ourselves, which we are, but what we actually mean is honest.  It’s important for us to have an open and honest business and as such we ensure our suppliers and clients understand how we work and hold the same principles.   

About us - Supply Chain
Supply Chain

Our business is two-fold – we have the buying and selling side of the business and additionally the logistics side of the business. This is a USP in our line of work, as we can help our customers through the whole supply chain process from purchasing to delivery.

Our Success stories

Alzheimer's Society

The Alzheimer’s Society have over 600 frontline staff and volunteers, all of which were unable to work due to COVID-19. With all their regional centres closed due to the pandemic they needed a special solution.

Our team were able to create a range of suitable PPE and hygiene products in a single mobile pack, perfect for a moving workforce. Upon agreement with the leadership team our specialists got to work.

We were able to pick, pack and deliver to all workers within 5 days from PO, with a first time delivery success rate of 99% with zero damage. This meant the workforce was able to restart their invaluable work of caring for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia in the community again.