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Coronavirus can transfer from people to surfaces. It can be passed on to others who touch the same surfaces, therefore it’s vital businesses are able to manage the risk appropriately.

We have put together some basic information to help our customers choose the right areas to invest in to help reudce the risks.

The UK government have emphasised that employers should regularly test their staff, and are attempting to raise awareness and encourage more businesses to test. As one in three people could have the virus without symptoms, focusing on testing is essential3.

​Our Panodyne Rapid COVID-19 Tests are approved and manufactured by a long-established ISO registered UK company and are CE Marked. The clinical Study Report for our tests can be viewed here.

High Risk

The risk of COVID infection at work must be managed by following the right controls, including:

  • social distancing or, where that is not possible, reducing the number of people in the work area
  • high standards of hand hygiene
  • increasing surface washing
  • assigning and keeping people to shift teams
  • using screens and barriers to separate people from each other

Using personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used to protect both yourself and others from the risks of cross-infection.

It may also be required for contact
with hazardous chemicals and some
pharmaceuticals. PPE includes items like gloves, aprons, masks, goggles or visors.

In certain situations such as food preparation, it may also include hats and footwear.

In most U.K buisnesses face coverings, masks or visors will be in use, and some particarly in hospitality and food will use a greater range of PPE.

Workplace Hygiene

Hand hygiene is widely acknowledged to be the single most important activity for reducing the spread of disease1.

Adequate hand washing facilities must be available and easily accessible in all common areas, toilets, meeting rooms and kitchens. Where this is not possible automated liquid soap / alcohol gel dispensers can be a good alternative.

Keeping your workplace clean reduces the potential for coronavirus to spread2 and is a critical part of making and keeping your business ‘COVID-secure’.

For employers, LFDs could be used to provide an effective permit so that employees may be tested each day before attending the workplace.

CIPD 2021

COVID Anitgen Tests using lateral flow devices (LFD)

LFDs are one of the tests being used to help detect the presence of the COVID-19 from a nose and throat swab sample. The test is administered by handheld devices and results can usually be delivered in under 30 minutes. A coloured strip on the LFD will appear to show a positive result. LFDs are used in people who don’t have symptoms but who may be infectious with high virus levels; this is important as many people who have coronavirus never show symptoms and may unknowingly pass the virus on. The LFD detects a COVID-19 antigen, and it appears that LFDs can detect the new variant of the virus. 

Any positive LFD test needs to be confirmed by a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test. PCR tests are used primarily in people who have symptoms and are the main type used on the NHS website.

Click here for Step by Step instructions

Sample preparation

Arrange COVID testing and minimise disruption to your business

Employers who decide to test should have a testing policy and will need employees’ consent before undertaking tests. Confidentiality arrangements will be the same as for the other tests undertaken on employees. The results and processing of testing will need to be in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR.

Rapid Fire Supplies have partnered up with BNR Global Supply Group Ltd, who have developed a secure IT platform and dedicated business solution for keeping track of testing outcomes and keeping your workplace covid secure.

Key Features:
  • Tailored User Training: Simple user training provided as well as individual access to registration portal.
  • Live Alert System: As soon as a positive test is logged, management will be alerted immediately.
  • Result and Data Management: Stay on top of test outcomes and analyse data to provide a prompt response to outbreaks.
  • Dedicated Healthcare Helpline: Accessible for any healthcare related enquiries.
  • Telephone/Email Support: We’re here to provide you with technical support

With a simple set up, users will be able to access a secure portal (accessible via computer or mobile phone) to register to this service and upload test results. Just simply activate the link and register your details, and users will be able to log in every time they need to report a test outcome.

Management will be given access to a platform in order to monitor and analyse data and review reports. Reports can include:

  • Positive/ Negative rate ratios by day, week or month
  • Exposure mapping to react promptly to outbreaks
  • Missed test reports

Full training will be provided to enable users to correctly carry out testing as well as user training for the reporting platform.

All data stored is done so compliance with Data Protection, GDPR and Confidentiality policies.

COVID-19 Tools

Reduce the chance of infection and protect those around you, with the new electronic contactless automatic IR sanitising dispenser. A high fever is one of the known symptoms of COVID so having the tools on site to check is vital, a contactless thermometer is a relatively cheap tool to quickly check employees.



Quick and easy wipes are useful for killing germs, bacteria and COVID 19. Generally most workplaces will stock hand wipes and surface wipes. We are an official distributor of Clinell products, proven to kill COVID-19 in just 30 seconds.


Antibacterial spray is another vital essential for tackling infection. Most sprays will kill 99.9% of germs but a key difference is the time it takes to be effective. In some case you will need to wait 5 minutes before wiping. Our Clinell range is proven to kill in just 30 seconds which is perfect for high risk areas.

Hand Sanitising

In most areas of the workplace a sink will not be ideally placed for washing hands, therefore Hand Sanisiting gel is a convienent alternative. Consider placing dispensers in high use areas, at least 70% alcohol content is recommended.

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1Good practice in infection prevention and control (NHS Wales, 2005)

2Making your workplace COVID-secure during the coronavirus pandemic, (HSE, 2021)

3Protecting your workforce (CIPD, 2021)

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