We want to make a real change and here at Rapid Fire Supplies . Therefore we have challenged ourselves to reduce our environmental impact. As a result we have looked at our emissions, waste and efficiency. This is to ensure that we positively protect the environment as much as possible.

Rapid Fire Supplies


We have reduced the amount of miles travelled by reducing 3 daily collection trips into a single visit.


We reuse boxes and materials from our suppliers where ever possible, for onward packaging and delivery.


We have changed our packaging supplier to Kite, who offer a range environmentally friendly solutions.


We have changed our final mile supplier to DPD Local, who have the largest electrified fleet in the UK.

Environmental Impact 2021

Logistics and Suppliers

Our supply chain is complex and worldwide. As a result we are committed to reduce our end to end impact. For our final mile delivery solution we use DPD Local. They have the largest electric fleet in the UK of any parcel carriers.

Additionally, we work with our suppliers to ensure that each product we distribute is sustainable. Our main suppliers are Gama Healthcare, Multibrands Inc, FIRECHIEF and Henry Schein. They all have clear policies committing to their environmental impact.

Furthermore, these suppliers feel duty bound to help protect the environment from unnecessary damage. For instance they ensure their factories operate to ISO 14001 Environmental. Additionally, raw materials are sourced responsibly. Furthermore, modern production processes that follow ecologically sound principles are used, there by releasing as few contaminants as possible into the environment.


We use Kite Packaging, which is an employee owned business. They are serious about reducing the impact of packaging on the environment.

Kite Packaging holds both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 awards. Furthermore, these standards for environmental responsibility and quality are a demonstration of the commitment to improving the service they provide.

Additionally, Kite Packaging succeeded in their self imposed challenge to reduce plastic usage by 120 tonnes in 2019. As a result they created the four Rs – reduce, re-use, recycle and replace. In turn this helped them play their part in protecting the environment.

Here at Rapid Fire Supplies we are improving the environmental impact by taking additional steps. These include; reducing the sizes of boxes we send out, packing in a more efficient way and of course using recycled boxes.


We use a shared building for our business address, where we can book meeting rooms when needed. As a result, this ensures that space is used as efficiently as possible, which importantly reduces greenhouse gases.

Furthermore, we have a “work from anywhere” strategy. Therefore this has an impact in reducing our need for travel and use of additional facilities.

Similarly, working remotely enables us to significantly reduce our paper usage. In addition, by digitising our documents and using online signatures we ensure that we don’t need to print, sign, scan or store.

Furthermore, our power usage is reduced by not having to heat, light and above all maintain an additional building. For instance, studies have shown that office buildings consume more energy than the average home. In addition, home energy use is roughly half that of office energy use.

Our environmental commitment

As a result of our environmental commitment, we take all possible measures to prevent or minimise pollution. Additionally we reduce the impact of our operation on the environment . These are done by;

  • Reducing CO2 emissions via a combination of supplier selection. For instance, weighted scores of environmental and green solutions.
  • Committing to regularly reviewing our partners. Furthermore, the knock on impact our company has on the environment.
  • Managing and monitoring our energy consumption. For instance, efficient use of electricity, gas, water and other resources.
  • Using recyclable and reusable materials wherever possible.

Additionally, we only partner with companies whose business operations align with or support the objectives of our company.

Environment Policy

Environmental impact

In conclusion, our company objectives are to support environmental issues where-ever possible. For instance, along with our current environmental decisions on packaging and transport, we are supporting charities and organisations. Above all these look at the care of the environment. In addition they educate to protect our fragile world. Details of upcoming projects coming soon…

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