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CBD Oil from the The Botanical Factory is a subsidary of leading UK manufacturer Multibrands Inc (over 20 years expertise).

They pride themselves on creating products that adhere to the highest possible practice and standards, this ensure users have complete peace of mind and confidence.

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What is CBD oil

CBD Oil from The Botanical Factory

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol diagram

One of the positive effects of CBD is it’s ability to act on the body’s endocannabinoid system.

This system self-regulates to the changes inside and outside of the body to achieve biological tranquillity.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. The highest concentration of CBD can be found in the plant cannabis sativa, which contains over 113 different types of phytocanninoids, or plant-based cannabinoids.

CBD is associated with the positive therapeutic properties of cannabis, and none of the more negative properties that can cause intoxicating or psychoactive effects.

What is CBD Oil?

The Botanical Factory Product List

CBD Type Code Description Ratio Size MG Price
CBD OilBF10ML5UThe Botanical Factory  5%  CBD Oil 500mg – 10ml5%10ml500mg£24.99
CBD OilBF10ML10UThe Botanical Factory 10% CBD Oil 1000mg  – 10ml10%10ml1000mg£39.99
CBD OilBF30ML5UThe Botanical Factory – 1.67% CBD Oil 500mg – 30ml1.67%30ml500mg£24.99
CBD OilBF30ML15UThe Botanical Factory – 5% CBD Oil 1500mg – 30ml5%30ml1500mg£49.99
CBD OilBF30ML30UThe Botanical Factory – 10% CBD Oil 3000mg – 30ml10%30ml3000mg£69.99
CBD OilBF60ML10UThe Botanical Factory – 1.67% CBD Oil 1000mg – 60ml1.67%60ml1000mg£39.99
CBD OilBF60ML30UThe Botanical Factory – 5% CBD Oil 3000mg- 60ml5%60ml3000mg£69.99
CBD OilBF60ML60UThe Botanical Factory – 10% CBD Oil 6000mg- 60ml10%60ml6000mg£119.99

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CBD Oils from The Botanical Factory

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