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2022 update to (PPER) PPE at work Regulations

April 2022 saw a shift in the 1992 Personal Protection Equipment at work Regulations (PPER). In short, the new regulations aim to protect workers on a wider scale. The responsibilities of employers have increased, in relation to the level of protection they must provide for their employees. The 1992 PPER regulation The 1992 Personal Protection …

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Electric cars are the new normal. Read our EV cars safety guide Protect yourself and employees by safeguarding your garage workshop.

Electric Cars – Safeguard Your Garage Workshop 2021

By Emily France, Creative Content Curator | Safety Supplier @rapidfiresupplies | People Person | Theatre Type & Arts Supporter. Electric Cars (EV) – Safeguard Your Garage Workshop 2021 In the race to solve the climate crisis, hybrid–electric and electric vehicles (EV) have become extremely popular. EV sales have risen by 66% since 2019. It is safe …

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