Screwfix or Amazon? On average we are cheaper than both

Screwfix, Seton or Amazon? On average we are cheaper

Screwfix, Amazon, Seton, Jewson and Rapid Fire Supplies Price Comparison – OVERALL Welcome to our Price Comparison blog 2021. We have compared our prices against two of the largest companies in the UK, Screwfix, Seton, Jewson and Amazon to demonstrate why you can get the same products at a lower price and great customer service. …

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The best wipes that kill covid-19

The Best Wipes that Kill Covid-19

The Best Wipes that Kill Covid-19 The COVID-19 pandemic locked down the UK in March 2020 and changed life as we know it, we have been living in a constantly disrupted world since then in an effort to eradicate the virus. Yes, restrictions are finally being lifted (hurrah!) however that does not mean that Covid-19 …

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms 101: Why do I need a CO alarm?

By Emily France, Creative Content Curator | Safety Supplier @rapidfiresupplies | People Person | Theatre Type & Arts Supporter. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms 101: Why do I need a CO alarm? Carbon monoxide is known as ‘the silent killer’. It gained this name because we can neither see, smell nor taste this flammable gas. Each …

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Black Portwest Reusable 3 Ply Mask. Box of 25 3-Ply Anti-Microbial 3PLY masks from Portwest is one of the best re-usable fabric masks in the market today. The black resuable masks has a anti-microbial finish, providing that extra protection whilst on the move. Furthermore, it kills 99.9% of bacteria and controls numerous odour-causing microorganisms that can accumulate in the fibres from skin contact and laundering.

Face Coverings – what you need to know about face masks….

With so many companies and retail outlets now selling PPE, we explore what customers should look out for to get the right products. Fake certification, poor quality products and unethcial sourcing can all be at play when buying PPE. It is important to understand what PPE does and does not do for the wearer and …

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COVID-19 impact on studies

Coronavirus: Frequently asked questions and useful organisations

Alzheimer’s Society advice and guidence original source here Here are answers to some commonly-asked questions (FAQs) from people affected by dementia, as well as a list of organisations that can provide information and advice during the coronavirus pandemic. Alzheimer’s Society is supporting people affected by dementia through the coronavirus pandemic, and Rapid Fire Supplies has …

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Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser Know How

Hand sanitiser use has become part of the everyday normal due to the coronavirus, now used regularly in the home and workplace. But when is it ok and not ok to use? As hand cleanliness is one of the most important hygiene practices and preventative measures for containing coronavirus, it’s important to know.     In the simplest terms sanitising your hands can be successfully achieved …

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