Caravan and Camping – Small Fire Extinguishers

Caravan and Camping – Small Fire Extinguishers

By Emily France

Fire extinguishers save lives there is no denying that, in 2019-2020 the fire service attended 684,801 incidents. Fire safety should not just be limited to the home. Always check when holidaying whether in a hotel, caravan, campervan or tent.

“With some fires getting out of control in as little as 30 seconds; it is vital to be able to tackle a fire as soon as possible, therefore always having a fire extinguisher available is essential”.

National Fire Ltd, 2021

Statistics show that premises with an onsite fire extinguisher or small fire extinguisher were dealt with faster and were less likely to have casualties.

A familiar sight in any commercial setting fire extinguishers tend to sit near the exit doorways of our shops, schools and businesses. They are usually big, red and imposing to ensure they are not missed by any persons safely tackling a fire. In some circumstances this can lead to fire extinguishers being impractical. Due to their size, they are heavy to lift and take up a lot of space, however you no longer need to sacrifice space or safety when protecting yourself against potential fires.

Small fire extinguishers are now available for the more compact environment:

Small fire extinguishers for the caravan, tent and campervan?

There are lots of situations where a small fire extinguisher may be more practical than a standard size fire extinguisher. Over the past year our holiday plans have changed. In 2020 eight out of ten Brits opted to holiday here in the UK, resulting in an uptake of camping, caravaning and campervan holidays and travelling for longer in the car.

Below we outline some situations where you would benefit from the best small fire extinguishers in the UK to keep you and your family safe:

Travelling in the car

When going on holiday in the UK most of us opt to drive to our destination and often in a campervan, towing a caravan, or carrying a tent.

More often than not, these car journeys can last from two to six hours in order to reach the campsite, hotel, countryside or city break holiday destination.

There is always the potential for a fire in the car. Depending on the size of your car you could benefit from FireChief’s smallest fire extinguisher the 600g power extinguisher, it is user friendly, will keep you safe, is able to tackle A, B and C class fires and it’s the best fit for even the smallest vehicles.

“Cars can catch fire due to a number of reasons such as overheating, engine malfunctions and crashes (even minor ones could be a catalyst for combustion)”.

A small fire extinguisher, stored in your boot or glove box, will give you peace of mind when travelling and help to keep you safer if there is a fire.

To keep you safe, we recommend a dry powder, small fire extinguisher such as the FireChief Easy Use 1kg Power Fire Extinguisher. This model has been created so that it can be easily transported and comes with a purposely built bracket for cars and vehicles.

Fire Safety for your campervan or caravan

After the long car journey towing a caravan or in the campervan, you will be looking forward to arriving and parking up at the campsite. First things first, set up and make a cup of tea! With the kitchen area in such a small space and soft furnishings nearby it is extra important to be fire safety aware.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, a small fire extinguisher is essential and easily fits into the caravan, campervan or tent space, without forgoing any effectiveness in its ability to put out fires.

As campervans, caravans and tents generally have more room than a car, we suggest a slightly larger option such as the 2kg Firechief small powder fire extinguisher . This version is quickly and efficiently able to deal with tany fires that may occur in a campervan or caravan.

Tents and cooking with open fires

Of course if you don’t have a caravan or campervan, there is still the option of the tent and again, fire safety should not be overlooked. Tents are usually coated in a fire-resistant resin, however that does not mean they are not flammable; therefore, you should still take precautions to keep you and your family safe.

“When building a fire while camping build it at a safe distance away from your tent and ensure that it is completely extinguished before retiring to bed”.

For tents the best small fire extinguisher to have whilst camping is an aerosol such as FireChief’s Flame Buddy. These pocket-sized small fire extinguishers are powerful enough to put out any minor fires and are extremely easy to use.

They can be safely stored in your backpack and kept within arms reach to enable you to protect yourself and your family in the event of a fire.

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If you require assistance to find the right large or small fire extinguisher for you or your business do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email, we are always happy to help.

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